what's your fav cuticle care? everything i use seems to make them harder not softer :-(


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expand whole threadwhat's your fav cuticle care? everything i use seems to make them harder not softer :-(midgardamu7/13/2013 4:11PM

SH vitamin e oil, then Burts Bees hand salve before bedmjG77/13/2013 10:41PM

What r using?boomnails7/13/2013 9:44PM

burts bees cuticle cream bergamott7/13/2013 8:02PM

Burts Bees lemon butters_schulz7/13/2013 7:43PM

Qtica intense cuticle repair balm Caroline75027/13/2013 7:04PM

I like to moisturize with hand cream or lotion before applying Solar Oil or Lansinoh ++julia9417/13/2013 5:25PM

i love udderly smooth, you can get it at the dollar tree!kosmeticplague7/13/2013 4:48PM

I like creams with AHAs, like Poshe or the $OPI one laurenli7/13/2013 4:39PM

3rd for AHA's. I use PC 10% AHA body lotion every night and then rub Booda Butter into cuticlessaffronia7/13/2013 6:02PM

2nd. I'm using the CND one currently, but the Poshe is less $.kta827/13/2013 4:51PM

orly & solar oils, badger balm... i had problems with the essie apricot, NG.raspberrychip7/13/2013 4:19PM

i have the problem with essie apricot and also the oil from shmidgardamu7/13/2013 4:21PM

yeah the essie was drying mine out, it is garbageraspberrychip7/13/2013 6:25PM

I find that oils make my cuticles harder so I avoid them. I love Healthy Hoof cream.Marianthoula7/13/2013 4:15PM

is this really for horses? don't know if i can get it here?!midgardamu7/13/2013 4:20PM

As far as I know, the original formula supposedly was. This is a cosmetic product, though +ropMarianthoula7/13/2013 4:29PM

thanks, will look for it!midgardamu7/13/2013 4:31PM