POLL: name a product you think everyone should try:)


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expand whole threadPOLL: name a product you think everyone should try:)kalynn007/13/2013 3:25PM

Earthen Treasures Liquid Sheasuzyqz7/14/2013 8:15AM

Trader Joe`s Specolos Cookie Dough Chocolate Bargina123457/13/2013 10:46PM

IT``S ONLY A DOLLAR PEOPLE!!! Try one you`ll be hookedgina123457/13/2013 10:47PM

It is delish! Love trader joes :)ogb30817/13/2013 11:00PM

MAC MSF (any of them) and SW Bodyglossesbabydollnot4u7/13/2013 8:52PM

I love MAC & those MSF, my fav is Center of the Universegina123457/13/2013 10:54PM

Sciabica's Lavender Extra Virgin Olive Oil - body oilTerranova07/13/2013 8:33PM

Anything in Candy Floss from Paintbox Soapworkshollyfaery7/13/2013 8:28PM

Long Winter Farm's lip balms (Long Winter Soap Co on Etsy)hollyfaery7/13/2013 6:43PM

Skindecent Sheen Appeal scrub (just ordered 19 of them)dinahad7/13/2013 5:54PM

Wow! I love that one. I haven't ordered from SDE in a long time! Enjoy. loulou77/13/2013 10:19PM

Wow! Please describe this scrub---clean rinsing , greasy or not , scrubby?perfumey7/13/2013 7:38PM

Scrubby but fine grains. Not oily in container but leaves oil on skin. R/odinahad7/14/2013 8:23AM

It's more of an oily scrub and it's pretty scrubby. I love it! =)Absolem7/13/2013 10:21PM

Pbi: it's not clean rinsing hence the name. It leaves a light sheen. It's scrubby tho. Love it!loulou77/13/2013 10:19PM

Thanks to you both .perfumey7/14/2013 12:53AM

2nd!!!Judyr7/13/2013 6:14PM

ANYTHING by dressgreenMissBrittanyM7/13/2013 5:41PM

Trader Joes Coconut Body Buttercountrycats7/13/2013 5:20PM

This smelled so good in the tub but turned into a weird, awful plastic-y smell on medenns7/13/2013 5:32PM

Same, turned into a sour smell on me (especially if trying to heat and mix FO)littlemj7/13/2013 6:13PM

It smelled like play dough on meandrea347/13/2013 11:04PM

CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and WI Pure Butter Barmudpud7/13/2013 4:56PM

cys behemoth scrubKarencherries7/13/2013 4:22PM

2nd!blondeangell7/13/2013 4:27PM

3rd! suzyqz19707/13/2013 4:35PM

YES!!!! ITA with themgina123457/13/2013 5:01PM

Agreed!lilfreckles7/13/2013 9:18PM

Aveeno Moisturizing bar (on your face)kinkaju7/13/2013 4:08PM

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoosarahks7/13/2013 3:52PM

Love!ogb30817/13/2013 11:01PM