smallish haul... and the mother lode of SHID Whirlwind White+


WW is my HG white but as most of you know, it's been dc'd and is fairly HTF. Well today I found an epic stash at a local farmers market, in a booth where old cosmetics go to die. $2 each,I bought ten and there are still probably 30 left. All were cheap, also picked up OPI Brand New Skates,SHID Emerald Escape ( gasp at the pretty!) and Ruby Rush, SHCSM Thinking Of Blue, and a gorgeous MilanI I've never seen before, Flashlight. Plus a couple Essies bc they were cheap. I'm a nut, but I'll never be without WW again! Happy Saturday, everyone!

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expand whole thread smallish haul... and the mother lode of SHID Whirlwind White+bettygrable727/13/2013 3:18PM

Nice findstwisted857/13/2013 7:19PM

Score!acinca7/13/2013 6:48PM

thank you all... only NB understands!bettygrable727/13/2013 6:39PM

If I found WW I would probably buy them all *iz a hoarder* lolthepolishedmommy7/13/2013 6:03PM

Nice score! Thinking of Blue is also so great, too. You prolly are seeing some great Milanis, toodressagediva7/13/2013 5:50PM

You got me screaming. I would do the same for Whirlwind White I can't find it anywhere :)rmcandlelight7/13/2013 4:21PM

awesome! i have 3 bottles of it myself. :)hokukoroku7/13/2013 4:17PM

You're not a nut! That's the best haul ever. I've been trying to stockpile WW as well.lacqlustre7/13/2013 3:40PM

I really hate that they dc'd WW, lucky you found so many!wonderlandnails7/13/2013 3:36PM

I know,I still left plenty for others but it was hard. lol.bettygrable727/13/2013 3:37PM

I've gotta ask...Q-Mart? Jake's? (I'll poof if you're uncomfortable w location-related stuff)blitherypoop7/13/2013 3:27PM

ps I was THIS CLOSE to coming home with a pet chameleon. lolbettygrable727/13/2013 3:33PM

lol Did you see the massive tortoise?blitherypoop7/13/2013 3:39PM

yes.. TOO MUCH TERRAPIN!bettygrable727/13/2013 3:55PM

LOLblitherypoop7/13/2013 3:58PM

Q Mart. it really should be called a flea market, not a farmer's market!bettygrable727/13/2013 3:32PM

Awesome!! Thanks! I've never gone up there without the family. Think I need to fix that! ;)blitherypoop7/13/2013 3:33PM

yw, lots of essie, Revlon, and SH. Some other stuff too. Only saw 1 OPI.bettygrable727/13/2013 3:35PM

Thanks again! I think I need to call my mom and go pick wineberries as an excuse to go up there soonblitherypoop7/13/2013 3:37PM