FOTD NYX love in Florence and Chante Tea Rose, MAC after dusk

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expand whole threadFOTD NYX love in Florence and Chante Tea Rose, MAC after dusk 2crazycatladies5/19/2013 2:32PM

very fresh faced & pretty! im going to get the nyx florence :)booda5/19/2013 3:25PM

I like the e/s on you, it makes your eyes sparkle. now I want to try these NYX shadows omarcomin5/19/2013 3:11PM

they are really worth trying I like them a lot. I think you would as well.2crazycatladies5/19/2013 3:12PM

got to go elevate my foot talk to you all later miss you!!! hugs.2crazycatladies5/19/2013 3:11PM

Really pretty, Lori--great choices!branny435/19/2013 3:11PM

thanks so much2crazycatladies5/19/2013 3:11PM

Very pretty as always! How did your surgery go-hopefully well.ivanabacowboy5/19/2013 2:59PM

very well I am up and walking all ready so I am thrilled about that the foot is healing well :^) 2crazycatladies5/19/2013 3:00PM

How pretty! I picked up a few "love" NYX palettes&have been enjoying them! You look great hun :) andreajunelle5/19/2013 2:53PM

:^) thanks2crazycatladies5/19/2013 2:54PM

Lovely and fresh look! :)nmezza5/19/2013 2:49PM

thank you much!2crazycatladies5/19/2013 2:50PM

Very nice! What do you think of these new NYX palettes? I know Menek. loves hers Enkida5/19/2013 2:41PM

I almost always get HE but I am really impressed with these the color stays well and is so pretty2crazycatladies5/19/2013 2:43PM

you always pick flattering colors. thecharm5/19/2013 2:38PM

thank you so much your so sweet to me :^)2crazycatladies5/19/2013 2:39PM

So pretty! I love how you do your linerVioletOblivia5/19/2013 2:33PM

thats a NARS pen kind in grey just love those kind2crazycatladies5/19/2013 2:34PM