FOTD x2, but the only one you prob wanna see is the double wing 1+

As per Baldufita's "Avoid the Eurovision" FOTD challenge last night, double winged liner. I added in graphic lips. I had to do them twice because I auto pursed my lips and BAM. Away it went. Plus side: I panned my concealer doing this face, LOL.

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After running out of liquid illuminating concealer, I just gave up and used my gold highlighting powder as a setting powder instead. For that Kardashian Yellow(tm)! Except, you know, without the rest of the face/body/outfit to carry it. :P

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Here's what I did for today, a normal face using my Artdeco shadows. When I was done I thought it really looked a lot like Les Fumes. So AD dupe alert there. I can hunt down numbers if anyone is interested. :)

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Don't say I don 't do nuthin' for ya, MUA.

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