poll: which product you have the most in term of quantity. me it's lipsticks.


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expand whole threadpoll: which product you have the most in term of quantity. me it's lipsticks. Peekabooa5/19/2013 12:19PM

Foundation, I admit it...I'm foundation hoarder!missusjones5/20/2013 2:35PM

lip products. I don't know why, I have small lips anyway.blacksheep62935/20/2013 3:04AM

Lip products for me, too. Mostly glosses. I have a very serious problem with them.vidasuicide5/20/2013 5:10AM

eyeshadows or liners, hard to saytrillium135/19/2013 5:29PM

blush and lipstickalaras5/19/2013 4:52PM

Eyeshadows and paints, by far ...Twoapennything5/19/2013 4:23PM

BlushEIGNA5/19/2013 3:59PM

Eyeshadows and blushes.missdewinter5/19/2013 3:53PM

E/S and blush, enough to last 200 years. l/s, maybe two years, foundation, two-years. ;)branny435/19/2013 3:38PM

I just went a little nuts in CVS, so l/s and e/s might be tied now.mellifera5/19/2013 2:32PM

E/s by a long shot, then nail polish a close second.Kica5/19/2013 1:43PM

E/s, but if I combine l/g & l/s, lippies might win. They're so easy.daseined5/19/2013 1:37PM

eyeshadows for sure!audmac5/19/2013 1:35PM

eyeshadows and lipsticks!missmanic5/19/2013 1:30PM

lipsticks definitely, they're really small so it's super easy to have a ton of without noticingAriSatomi5/19/2013 1:07PM

I think blushes because it's more of a trial and error mission with those. Then lipstick. Then ROPEspiegle5/19/2013 12:47PM

eyeshadow, then lipstickssteffstarrr5/19/2013 12:41PM

Eyeshadow, closely followed by lipstick.Willow925/19/2013 12:39PM

eyeshadows by miles...literally, if you laid them out...madeupstories5/19/2013 12:35PM

LipsticksRosieJ5/19/2013 12:30PM

Eyeshadow, hands down. I have around 215, I counted recently.Enkida5/19/2013 12:30PM

nice! i m.so jealous of your stash!Peekabooa5/19/2013 12:54PM

I'm not! I just finished my budget spreadsheet, I overshot by 3 months so far, ARG :PEnkida5/19/2013 1:15PM

so much blush.evildoctorporkchop5/19/2013 12:29PM

eyeshadow followed closely by lipstickbobloblaw5/19/2013 12:29PM

Lipstick, no doubt.kragey5/19/2013 12:27PM

I haven't counted but definitely eyeshadows, many in palettes. nmezza5/19/2013 12:26PM

oh yeah mine are palettes always regretted buying into the bulk conceptPeekabooa5/19/2013 12:28PM

Yup lipsticks although i don't wear any on a daily basisblooiejagwa5/19/2013 12:25PM

I want to say blush, but the true answer is probably lip productsnycbeauty995/19/2013 12:21PM

how :( i stop buying the,rest but lipsticks and eyeliners omgPeekabooa5/19/2013 12:22PM