Another green EOTD, now inspired on LE's look for Keira Knightley :) +++

Inspiration came from here:

But I did it in green instead of charcoal





Eyes: Nars Euphrate e/s, bb ivy shimmer gel e/l, Maybelline colossal volum'express WP, Guerlain loose kohl blue on water line

Cheeks: Nars puerto Vallarta multiple and boys don't cry blush

Lips: Chanel Pygmalion RCS

Complexion: Chanel VA B30, Nars creamy concealer Ginger, les beiges de Chanel and Notorious to contour

Comments are always welcome :)

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expand whole threadAnother green EOTD, now inspired on LE's look for Keira Knightley :) +++ jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 11:58AM

I love it - looks great on you!meumar5/19/2013 12:59PM

Thanks!!!jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 1:15PM

Love it! A nice balance of hawt, but not over the top.RadicalEdwardLemon5/19/2013 12:57PM

Thanks!!!jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 1:11PM

*pounce* you look insanely hot today :Dmadeupstories5/19/2013 12:36PM

*iz still blushed* thanks :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 1:11PM

Cute and sexy (the first pic could make a nice ad for a dating site lol)blooiejagwa5/19/2013 12:26PM

Lol, thanks :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:27PM

You look great!Conny685/19/2013 12:22PM

Thanks!!! :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:27PM

really nice!!MariellaFromBe5/19/2013 12:20PM

Thanks :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:27PM

Pretty makeup. How do I get your hair?!peachy9055/19/2013 12:17PM

Here's what I do++jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:27PM

I love it!nycbeauty995/19/2013 12:16PM

Thanks!!! :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:21PM

Beautiful! This might be my fav look that you've shared ready2wear5/19/2013 12:13PM

*still blushes* thanks a lot, that's so nice of you!jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:21PM

Stunning! DD agrees too - she kept pointing at your EOTD whooobie5/19/2013 12:04PM

*Blushes* I added the link for the tutorial I got inspiration from :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:19PM

Gorgeous! Love this look on you. :)nmezza5/19/2013 12:03PM

Thanks!!! :Djaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:18PM

I gasped when saw what's on your lids! Just stunning!laitae5/19/2013 12:02PM

*blushes* I'm in a greenish phase ATM, naz85 would be proud of me jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:15PM

Oh, girl, I live for green e/s:)laitae5/19/2013 12:54PM

Well, seems Euphrate is a good pick in the green e/s range+++ jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 1:15PM

your hair is looking very saucy today! :Dahousefellonmysister5/19/2013 12:02PM

Oh, thanks... Seems my hair and I are finally getting along :)jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:10PM

Love the liner. :)toto8505/19/2013 12:01PM

Thanks!!! It's ivy shimmer and then I placed a bit more of Euphrate on topjaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:07PM

Stunning! But no doggie in this pic! ;-)ivanabacowboy5/19/2013 12:00PM

Oh, hold on, let me add doggie jaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:02PM

Goofy me and doggie addedjaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:05PM

THE PUPPY IN A PURSE! I love this pic!ivanabacowboy5/19/2013 12:12PM

Well, she's a pocket-sized dog :pjaguayanflawer5/19/2013 12:15PM

*squishes puppy cuteness!*ivanabacowboy5/19/2013 12:19PM