Not Fair! I have nakie nails and i can't myself to paint them. I am so nauseated that my eyes are +

watering. I'm drinking ginger tea and it isn't helping. I've already gotten sick once, I don't know what's happening with me. I want pretty sparkly nails but i know the smell would make me start gagging again.

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expand whole threadNot Fair! I have nakie nails and i can't myself to paint them. I am so nauseated that my eyes are +gcicero4/24/2013 3:49AM

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G.F.Y.blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:20AM

2nd. You're very negative. :(catdoccannon4/24/2013 9:25AM

...and how's this...I have to pee. :Pblitherypoop4/24/2013 4:31AM

Reeeeally bad. Eyeballs are floating.blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:34AM

Hahaha <3 Blithery.swanjun4/24/2013 1:41PM

go pee then! lolgcicero4/24/2013 4:36AM

huzzahgcicero4/24/2013 4:56AM

And he's back!! :D Relief is almost mine!blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:53AM

I'm used to it! He should be back any minute...and I take a very brisk walk to the bathroom!blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:53AM

oh no!gcicero4/24/2013 4:48AM

If only I could. I'm alone in the office and it has to be manned at all times. My supervisor is on +blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:39AM

lol <3gcicero4/24/2013 4:34AM

This happened to me.... when I was pregnant! :Oketagyrl4/24/2013 4:11AM

i'm not pregnant:/gcicero4/24/2013 4:12AM

:( That sucks! Hope it passes quickly! Do you have allergies? Sometimes I get pukey from them.blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:10AM

none from food....this is seriously so bizarregcicero4/24/2013 4:10AM

It happens to me bc of post-nasal drip. I swallow so much gunk that I get sick, especially in springblitherypoop4/24/2013 4:11AM

omg i thought i was the only person this happened to! When I had mono during undergrad I went to +gcicero4/24/2013 4:14AM

Oh yes it can!!TXtea4/24/2013 4:19AM

lol I hate that! I had one doctor put me on meds for my nausea and then more meds +blitherypoop4/24/2013 4:16AM

I think you might want to lay down and wait for this to pass.TXtea4/24/2013 4:02AM

i wish i could i'm not at homegcicero4/24/2013 4:08AM