So who else other than the 3rd world country of Phoenix has NO cosmetic outlets? Raise hands.


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expand whole threadSo who else other than the 3rd world country of Phoenix has NO cosmetic outlets? Raise hands.ivanabacowboy4/23/2013 10:24PM

I live in the same third-world-country as you so I feel your pain :(arianell4/23/2013 11:42PM

what's this exotic notion of a cosmetic outlet that you speak of? never heard of one:)barbarella104/23/2013 11:41PM

We had an EL outlet in downtown NYC, but it was wiped out by Sandy. :(ndesimon4/23/2013 10:49PM

Alabamakeepitreal4/23/2013 10:46PM

Yes Alabama before and now Hanoi, Vietnam, that is my lifebraveviet4/24/2013 5:22AM

Raleighpurplecouch4/23/2013 10:28PM

Also from Raleigh. At least Mebane has cosmetic outlets. Not too far.chochang4/23/2013 10:36PM

I am south of Greensboro, NC. No outlets. frecklesrock4/23/2013 11:30PM

o/ VA hèreSweetTeaAndKerouac4/23/2013 10:27PM

Yep VA sucks for outlets makeupjunkie4524/23/2013 10:37PM

Used to have some 8ball4/23/2013 11:10PM

lol - pretty much everyone in Canada except Toronto and west coast.historismus4/23/2013 10:27PM

lol thisseedchan4/23/2013 11:07PM

Here, on the tip of Texasmiranda244/23/2013 10:26PM

Not true. Mercedes has a cosmetic outlet. So does San Marcos.MangoKiwi4/23/2013 10:29PM

I've been to the one in San Marcos, it's great.tiff_tiff74/23/2013 11:07PM

agree!! the one in Round Rock is pretty good tookricket31424/24/2013 12:53AM

Thisaplainjane4/23/2013 11:01PM

Wow I didn't know Mercedes had one! Never seen itmiranda244/23/2013 10:31PM

Are there any in the whole state of AZ?kimmyn4/23/2013 10:26PM

Not a one to my knowledge!ivanabacowboy4/23/2013 10:30PM

wow, even utah has one lolkimmyn4/23/2013 10:35PM