Poll: Do you trust or agree with everything bloggers say about products? (EX. Temptalia?)+

The reason I ask is because I notice on a lot of popular blogs that readers will comment or "Love It or Leave It" purely based on what the blogger says. It's like the readers can't form their own opinions.

Sorry, I'm tired, and I'm over thinking things lol

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expand whole threadPoll: Do you trust or agree with everything bloggers say about products? (EX. Temptalia?)+makeupjunkie4523/26/2013 12:03AM

perfumista13/26/2013 8:28AM

I agree followers will love something they've never tried just cuz the blogger tested & posted. brio8153/26/2013 7:43AM

I check Beautypedia for formula info, blogs for swatches, & P'ville for application, wear time, etc.Deanna23/26/2013 4:27AM

was SHOCKED when i loved fine one one and the veronica quad and the pressed pigments, I wasn't r/ogcicero3/26/2013 1:48AM

wrong spotDeanna23/26/2013 4:26AM

not really i didn't clarify. I mean b/c usu i love everything temptalia loves and loathe what she +gcicero3/26/2013 4:43AM

i love blogs for swatches if i can't see the product in personmissmanic3/26/2013 12:50AM

Depends on if there taste matches mine, and their post rate++orangeeyecrayon3/26/2013 12:33AM

no i just look at temptalia for swatchesicedteachick3/26/2013 12:25AM

2ndpaperalias3/26/2013 2:14AM

Lol @ Temptalia. She apparently gets 12 hours of wear on eyeshadow without primer. Pfft.amlheureux3/26/2013 12:23AM

And up to 2 weeks without chipping on nail polish! Yikes. Maybe she's a robot. duckyyy3/26/2013 12:49AM

I would get those results if I sat motionless in front of my computer 24/7.amlheureux3/27/2013 1:23AM

Sometimes I'll look and see what she says about longevity or comfort of wear, but ++leahw133/26/2013 12:21AM

A 2nd thought: I hugely appreciate their input and effort, though, and want ++branny433/26/2013 12:17AM

No. W/ Temptalia especially I feel like she tries to review *everything* and probably doesn't giveROslippingbeauty3/26/2013 12:14AM

I prefer low-key bloggers , Specially Eastern European ones as ++Meshmmesha7720003/26/2013 8:29AM

I agree but with that kind of volume, who could blame her.mikmik903/26/2013 12:15AM

U haz pm!cjm5173/26/2013 12:21AM

ROPslippingbeauty3/26/2013 12:17AM

IA. I want her to review more things she is actually interested in because makeupjunkie4523/26/2013 12:20AM

thisMenolikepolos3/26/2013 2:54AM

No, because everything is different for everyone imopetagirl3/26/2013 12:14AM

Not always. That's why I appreciate pictures (I can decide for myself) and +mikmik903/26/2013 12:12AM

I don't trust 100% of what *anyone* says! Prefer forming my own opinions after consideration. :)branny433/26/2013 12:10AM

Well I think trusting and agreeing are two v. different things. I don't (more)planetnars3/26/2013 12:08AM

Not always, but I'd bloggers comment on things like sheerness or sparkle, it does influence my ++duckyyy3/26/2013 12:08AM

sometimes - like, if the blogger tends to like things I like, then I trust them morelaurenli3/26/2013 12:08AM

not exactly. I tend to trust that they feel they are being honest but it all has +itsnotmakeupitsme3/26/2013 12:08AM

I look at the photos and consider a bloggers description of texture etc b4 forming an opinionhellothere20133/26/2013 12:07AM

I trust some bloggers. Not many.mewmewmow3/26/2013 12:05AM

I've got an opinion so I don't let them sway me one way of anotherburberrycoug3/26/2013 12:05AM

no, but I think bigger blogs cater to an audience that isnt necessarily+cjm5173/26/2013 12:05AM