Poll: What's your threshold? Scenario - you are traveling and have r/o

forgotten (or finished) one item from your everyday, basic face and have no suitable substitute.

Assume you have a replacement waiting at home.

Would you buy a replace if you had 2 days left on the trip? 3? More? Or just deal without it until you get home?

My answer: It drives my crazy to be without something I use every day. I would probably replace it right away unless I had < 1 day left and wouldn't be re-doing my makeup. Am I the only one?

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expand whole threadPoll: What's your threshold? Scenario - you are traveling and have r/oirongirl3/25/2013 9:54PM

I would get to a beauty store and get a sample of something new. Maybe it'll be my new HG! +greenfaerie383/25/2013 11:25PM

Unless it was concealer or mascara, I'd waitSweetTeaAndKerouac3/25/2013 11:14PM

i'd wait. i'm not into spending extra money, my budget is really tightgizmorules3/25/2013 10:40PM

I'm greedy AND impatient. I'd replace it AND probably buy more. *sigh*branny433/25/2013 10:36PM

I'd wait. My skin is so sensitive it's not worth trying something else.ilovegloss3/25/2013 10:28PM

A great time to try a new product... know that your HG is waiting at home. :)MissAshleyBeth3/25/2013 10:16PM

i would replace even if it were only a day.evildoctorporkchop3/25/2013 10:10PM

If it's something I use everyday and could consider the new purchase a backup, AND it wouldn't+differentnailseveryday3/25/2013 10:07PM

Depends on what it was & the cost; $5 mascara? replace for sure. $50 powder? do without.emisara3/25/2013 10:03PM

tbh it would depend a lot on what it was & how much $$$. Some things I can't go w/o though. GypsyRose233/25/2013 10:03PM

Even if it was like a week, I'd wait. Bad? gingerkitten3/25/2013 9:59PM

Not bad at all! I wish I could, but I have no patience :)irongirl3/25/2013 10:00PM

i would wait. might buy something new & exciting to hold me over lolworrdworrdd3/25/2013 9:58PM

I would probably just do without *boring old lady*planetnars3/25/2013 9:56PM

depends what the item is...i'd most likely waiteternalstarangel3/25/2013 9:55PM

Nope. My stuff tends to be hard to find anyway so I just wait it out.mikmik903/25/2013 9:55PM