I feel like these are someone else's nails.... +pic

I'd love this on one of you girls, but...*so* not me!


Sation Tall, Dark, And Has-some over SC Sugar Rush - mattified

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expand whole threadI feel like these are someone else's nails.... +picblitherypoop2/28/2013 12:32AM

I love the combo! :)Eleobel2/28/2013 1:36PM

So pretty! The matte is totally what makes it, imo.kiramekihoshi2/28/2013 9:58AM

yay i like it!seevan2/28/2013 9:47AM

um, wow! I love itcolormust2/28/2013 9:29AM

I LOVE IT!TITtacular2/28/2013 8:26AM

I did Sugar Rush with PMW last night! Yours looks wonderful!++missjulie892/28/2013 8:09AM

I usually feel the same way about pastels... but this one looks lovely on you!PandoraSue2/28/2013 4:30AM

is it the glitter or the pastel color that throws u off? i like it on u. a lotsmellypuppy832/28/2013 1:19AM

Thanks :) The pastel. The only pastel I like is light gray. lolblitherypoop2/28/2013 1:21AM

me too, i only like them dusty/grayedseevan2/28/2013 9:48AM

Pastel is hard. I'm just finding that really icy pastels work for me. That looks great on you!kiwisqurt2/28/2013 8:23AM

im the same way. i like them and have a few but only mint and grey work for me. :-)smellypuppy832/28/2013 1:25AM

I agree, the color looks pretty on you! But I know what you mean about being +++smartylicious2/28/2013 12:43AM

Thanks :) I saw...I'm thinking! lol You could peruse my spreadsheet if you'd like. Need a link?blitherypoop2/28/2013 12:44AM

yes, please !! :) Thanks so much!smartylicious2/28/2013 12:45AM

Here you go +linkblitherypoop2/28/2013 12:50AM

ROP++smartylicious2/28/2013 12:52AM

The only other thing I've tried is Avojuice. Some smell awesome, but it's too light.blitherypoop2/28/2013 12:53AM

well then it's time to join our world because this look pretty on you! ;)thepolishedmommy2/28/2013 12:40AM

I'm trying! lol Spring just isn't my time at all. And thanks :)blitherypoop2/28/2013 12:43AM

i agree. i love that it's mattified shadyngozi2/28/2013 12:42AM

Thanks :) I prefer most glitters mattified. Wearing this makes me want AOT Sation glitters. lolblitherypoop2/28/2013 12:45AM

i love this matte thing. because of you i mattify everything!! lolsmellypuppy832/28/2013 1:17AM