Can I reiterate how much I hate the new USPS first class international mail prices? ++

Going to send a package to mexico and it will cost me $30 in postage :( and it's only a little over 2 lbs :(

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expand whole threadCan I reiterate how much I hate the new USPS first class international mail prices? ++Gingitsune2/27/2013 11:24PM

I hate it!! Spent close to $90 to mail 4 outside of the USA, when I could get away with $40 max!dakota20102/28/2013 12:39AM

*Used to spend $40 or so*...this is soo lame, because I love international surprises!!dakota20102/28/2013 12:40AM

D: jaguayanflawer2/28/2013 12:13AM

*squishes* :) mail+1gingitsune2/28/2013 12:15AM

To play devils advocate ++SanDiegoAli2/27/2013 11:54PM

Perhaps. But then I go to the PO and the pple are so slow. :/ ++gingitsune2/28/2013 12:06AM

2lbs? isn't it cheaper to send by Priority Int'l flat rate then?Vedra2/27/2013 11:37PM

It can't fit in the padded flat rate envelope :( And the med flat rate box is $60 :(Gingitsune2/27/2013 11:41PM

I sent some packets that were all super light (1-2 lipsticks in each) - $14 each. Holy ****.mewmewmow2/27/2013 11:37PM

Correct me if I'm wrong but...++bubblegumpoo2/27/2013 11:31PM

The prices just went up in late January.mewmewmow2/27/2013 11:38PM

Are you in Mexico or New Mexico? NM is within USA (domestic mail). Mexico is international mail+Gingitsune2/27/2013 11:36PM

Oh. I didn't know about the price hike ++bubblegumpoo2/27/2013 11:57PM

Yeah prices went up 70% iirc :(gingitsune2/28/2013 12:05AM

If Gingitsune (who is in the US) is mailing to Mexico, she has to use international mail ++emisara2/27/2013 11:35PM

I sent a 1.5 pkg to the UK for only a measly $29.00. BAH!branny432/27/2013 11:30PM

O_o that's weird, I sent one that was almost 2 pounds for $22 - and that was after the change...gconn2/27/2013 11:55PM

yikes... this is why i will never do a itn'l swap:(thejessob2/27/2013 11:30PM