Can someone please explain to me coz I'm stupid why a basic designer leather bag costs $2000 rop

Other than the designer name what makes it worth that amount?

LV sells canvas with a touch of leather patina leather for thousands of dollars.

I just don't get it.

Forget out exotic skins for the moment.

What makes this LV tribute patch worth nearly $50000?

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expand whole threadCan someone please explain to me coz I'm stupid why a basic designer leather bag costs $2000 ropjensennesnej2/27/2013 11:02PM

don't be so angryfiddleleaf2/28/2013 9:35AM

because people will buy them at that pricejane_t772/28/2013 5:57AM

Becuae thete are people stupid and unoriginal enough to buy themkitten592/28/2013 5:46AM

Mostly because you are buying into an exclusive club>Watchdog2/28/2013 2:40AM

Part quality/craftsmanship, part cachet. If you can afford it & it makes you happy why not?bluejean022/28/2013 1:59AM

High quality materials (sustainably chosen leather, vegetable dyes, etc) do cost money, as does+artbabe2/28/2013 1:32AM

Not always sustainable I think...mousquerader2/28/2013 11:51AM

you are also paying for advertising, flag ship stores, pr, celeb endorsements, the whole alluremylegfeelsfunny2/28/2013 12:37AM

if you have ever been into a LV store you can tell it isnít cheap to runmylegfeelsfunny2/28/2013 12:38AM

The designer name is solely what drives the cost, even for handmade or hand-finished bags in high ela12352/28/2013 12:20AM

people are paying for the brand and the feeling of wealth/exclusivenesstakenu2/27/2013 11:49PM

Not if you see everyone in the mall with the same LVjensennesnej2/27/2013 11:51PM

i totally agree with you. Buyers like to feel they are specialmarthaquest2/28/2013 12:17AM

I can honestly say that "feeling special" has never factored into my decision to purchase a HE bagela12352/28/2013 12:21AM

the touch of vach leather that LV chooses to use are meticulously chosen >>mooracr032/27/2013 11:32PM

I'd say the price is as much of the allure as anything+TipTopTap2/27/2013 11:17PM

agree with this. shamlet962/28/2013 12:25AM

This. Aspiration is a powerful part of these brands. Same for major jewelry brands, etc.Leslie59052/27/2013 11:35PM

Some people want to get things that last...pinkstarz2/27/2013 11:24PM

I'm not saying the bags are poorly made+TipTopTap2/28/2013 1:01AM

that's disingenuous. there are bags for less than designer prices that *will* last.shamlet962/28/2013 12:26AM

Exactly. Good Quality workmanship can be had for couple hundred .lotusgrrl2/28/2013 12:54AM

This- it's not the materials and workmanship that fetch that priceTipTopTap2/28/2013 8:46AM

Sometimes cheap things do last foreverjensennesnej2/27/2013 11:35PM

Rarelynica2/27/2013 11:44PM

also, think about the work that goes behind it. For instance, your F21 bag is made in China >>mooracr032/27/2013 11:40PM

Not always... Leslie59052/28/2013 10:07AM

if you still believe that, read the book mentioned already.ciaofiore2/28/2013 6:35AM

acpxsk7/9/2013 9:47PM

Not as much as you'd think. Except for Hermes, most companies do most +ihavequestions2/28/2013 3:07AM

It's not always the case for LV, based on what I read from How luxury lost its luster,seonmi2/28/2013 12:22AM

Nocheryl2/27/2013 11:37PM

It costs that much because people are willing to pay those prices. Quality is a small factorspoiledkiwi2/27/2013 11:08PM

exactly. the joke is on the buyer.marthaquest2/28/2013 12:18AM

acpxsk7/9/2013 9:48PM

Imagine if the demand stopped overnight, designers will go bankruptjensennesnej2/27/2013 11:09PM

if demand stopped for high end bags, that means the lower end would suffer too >>mooracr032/27/2013 11:36PM

Doubt that will ever happen ever, but prices will continue to growjensennesnej2/27/2013 11:11PM