Swatches found of the new MAC Mineralize Lipsticks ROP

I ordered Luxe Naturale, I'm such a lipstick junkie!

This blog is in Korean ( I think) but scroll down and names are in English. Some are only available in Asia.

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expand whole threadSwatches found of the new MAC Mineralize Lipsticks ROPabbygal2/27/2013 10:32PM

meh. this is the perfect thing to come out when I'm on a no buy because I have no interest in them.cawowinnose2/28/2013 2:18AM

eeek, those don't look tempting at all...and i love me some macmissmanic2/28/2013 12:44AM

they look very drying on her lips... yikes.. .sugarglazed2/28/2013 12:18AM

These look horribly drying makeupjunkie4522/27/2013 11:20PM

The only one I really want is an Asia exclusive. *sulks a little*branny432/27/2013 11:15PM

Yikes, some of those lip swatches look pretty bad. WolfmansGotNars2/27/2013 11:09PM

Soo pretty! amypanda2/27/2013 10:50PM

I like some of these colors. I am going to wait until they hit the USgina123452/27/2013 10:37PM

They're on MACs website now w/free shippingabbygal2/27/2013 10:40PM

I refuse to pay that much money for MAC. I will just move up to HG or Guerlain.ivanabacowboy2/27/2013 10:34PM

Please don't leave out Chanel...:O)angelheartschanel20092/28/2013 5:54AM

Or Lancome. Both great l/s imo.angelheartschanel20092/28/2013 5:54AM

Why would you refuse to pay for a Mac lipstick, but you would pay more for another brand?++beaniewienie2/27/2013 10:36PM

I have a few MAC lipsticks. But at that nearing $30 price point...ropivanabacowboy2/27/2013 10:39PM

I have no opinion. Every lipstick seems to dry my lips out.beaniewienie2/27/2013 10:49PM

Must at least try one. They have a magnetic closure, I wonder if its like GA?abbygal2/27/2013 10:38PM

Correction. They don't look very nice on her lips. beaniewienie2/27/2013 10:37PM