Ohhhh guyzzzz tell me to stay away from cafe, the narrowmindedness is making me angry!!! OT +++++

I'm loving my cruel gardenia highlighter, thank goodness it wasn't a lemming that didn't live up to it's hype for me.

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expand whole threadOhhhh guyzzzz tell me to stay away from cafe, the narrowmindedness is making me angry!!! OT +++++wendy351072/25/2013 10:50AM

Not very nice considering there are people who post on both boards, like myself.cheechi2/25/2013 1:15PM

pot. kettle. prettydark2/25/2013 11:58AM

they can be v mean. but sometimes they're just blunt. I don't want to defend them, but sometimes +mistnrain2/25/2013 11:16AM

I'm sure they do, but anything I've witnessed has just been mean & spiteful with no justified point.wendy351072/25/2013 11:34AM

ITA, just come back here with us when they start bothering you. Our arms are always open for ya!.treehug102/25/2013 11:15AM

I rarely deviate, it's only my own curiosity that causes me to go have a look. I'll know not to now.wendy351072/25/2013 11:35AM

they can be entertaining, but a lot of posters give me agita. stare at your cruel gardenia instead +evildoctorporkchop2/25/2013 11:09AM

Lol good plan!!!! Now where is that compact..........wendy351072/25/2013 11:10AM

I avoid cafe :/ Too much dramalomelindi2/25/2013 10:55AM

I've learned my lesson now :D Stay here in the land of makeup happiness.wendy351072/25/2013 10:57AM

Cafe thrives on starting somethingMenolikepolos2/25/2013 11:00AM

*takes off earrings* WHATCHU SAYING HUH. WANNA FIGHT? LETS THROW IT DOWN!carchpotato2/25/2013 1:23PM

they are very mean over there tuts3112/25/2013 10:51AM

Eh, sometimes. Brutally honest is a more accurate description, I think.lkruty2/25/2013 2:00PM

I MUST learn to just not look, my curiosity always gets the better of me and I end up angry ++wendy351072/25/2013 10:54AM

Where did they call her a troll?TheGiantTauntaun2/25/2013 10:56AM

+++++++wendy351072/25/2013 10:59AM

++++facesbyj2/25/2013 11:03AM

Thanks hun :) I think I'll just avoid for now, I was blown away by the blatant rudness. wendy351072/25/2013 11:10AM

i made a few spelling errors one day (not the best speller) and they ripped into me ++tuts3112/25/2013 11:01AM

jeez. really? they're like cranky sorority girl hazers over there.evildoctorporkchop2/25/2013 11:19AM