I'm feeling a little sorry for myself today mub,so I'm treating myself to RBR's l/g Uncaged Tigress+

Perhaps it'll inspire me.

Before I place the order though... anything I should absolutely get as N10?

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expand whole threadI'm feeling a little sorry for myself today mub,so I'm treating myself to RBR's l/g Uncaged Tigress+Alexandra02022/25/2013 8:57AM

you could get raw silence l/s so I can vicariously live through you. :) laurenli2/25/2013 9:20AM

Ooh, that's been on my wishlist for a very long time..Problem is,I lack the guts to wear red l/s =(Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:27AM

*gives you the guts* :)laurenli2/25/2013 9:31AM

pbi - Enabling this because I own it and it's my fave red ever. Very luscious looking :)lomelindi2/25/2013 9:38AM

You guise are killing me..I have 4 red l/s which I hardly every wear. I always want to buy more but+Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:42AM

*\o/* WIN!laurenli2/25/2013 9:57AM

I hate that you're so convincing.. Alright: Once the Le Rouge l/s arrives in stores here, I'll ++Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:55AM

but what if you will wear and <3 thiiiis one?! LOLlaurenli2/25/2013 9:46AM

Nice choice, I love the RBR lip glosses :) wendy351072/25/2013 9:04AM

Thanks! Hard to pass up the special offer at the moment, lolAlexandra02022/25/2013 9:06AM

Definitely, I have that shade and it's one of my faves, don't pass it up at all :Dwendy351072/25/2013 9:08AM

That looks gorgeous! Any specific type of product?daseined2/25/2013 9:04AM

I have a few of their l/g and I like them (though I'm no expert). And no, no specifics, just ++Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:06AM

If you like their l/g, Coy looks pretty. Their blue & green e/s would be great on N10+++daseined2/25/2013 9:15AM

Thank you! I'll look into all of these =) The names alone are wonderful, I love RBR =)Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:19AM

You've tried the eyeshadows? Also orpheline is gorgeous on that skin tone mikmik902/25/2013 9:02AM

I have, don't know yet which to get next! Orpheline looks gorgeous, but is it not too similar to ++Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:03AM

Emisara's swatches: http://bit.ly/XWhj0ndaseined2/25/2013 9:21AM

Very interesting, thank you!Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:42AM

I'm not sure, hopefully someone pitches in!mikmik902/25/2013 9:17AM

likewise! I fell off the dress wagon XD No likey RBR glossesmadeupstories2/25/2013 9:00AM

=( I'm stuck at my parents house until I get some job security.. Any fave l/g you rec?Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:02AM

Gurl, I feel you.kragey2/25/2013 9:09AM

*commiserates* We deserve beautiful lipstickAlexandra02022/25/2013 9:14AM

*squish* :( I like Chanel EdG, Korres cherry oil and Guerlain EdGmadeupstories2/25/2013 9:03AM

Thanks! =) My local parfumerie/mu store is having a 20% off all mu, so I'll go there tomorrow and ++Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:05AM

le rouge above all others! <3<3<3madeupstories2/25/2013 9:06AM

Ikr?! I'm dying, DYING I tell you, to buy all of these! (Well, almost all..). The annoying thing is+Alexandra02022/25/2013 9:13AM