Was the real mu issue at the Oscars that some did not choose any focal point? (rop)

There's a basic theory to choose a focal point and let the other makeup be very subtle. It usually comes up to remind someone not to do dramatic eyes with dramatic lips, and so on. Pick lips or eyes or even cheeks to emphasize and leave the other two

Several of the mu looks being referred to as dead looking, boring, etc seem to have gone the other way - no focal point at all. Lips, lids, cheeks all very close to skin tone. Maybe that's why its so jarring; you don't find any part of the face to center on.


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expand whole threadWas the real mu issue at the Oscars that some did not choose any focal point? (rop)maymee2/25/2013 8:38AM

I like a nude lip as much as the next gal but those lips looked like concealer lips.NancyM2/25/2013 9:37AM

IMO, a lot of ladies needed more blush + some strapless dresses looked like they were falling off.clisa2/25/2013 9:13AM

Esp. Brandy Glanville's dress. Heidi Klum's was inappropriate too--talk about saggy boobs. o.oantiqueglitter2/25/2013 9:32AM

I think the natural look is inappropriate for an awards show of this caliber. JMO. makeupjunkie4522/25/2013 9:06AM

I think no makeup makeup is great and chic for certain outfits, but this just looked washed out.kragey2/25/2013 9:11AM

I personally was interested in *color*. Idk if they thought all that nude including the nude dressesbobloblaw2/25/2013 9:03AM

I think that the colors just looked drained to me. But not "no makeup makeup" eitherrivoli2/25/2013 8:55AM

^exactly. They were those heavy nudes which I particularly dislike.madeupstories2/25/2013 8:58AM

Me too, I wish they had used bolder lip shadesjaguayanflawer2/25/2013 9:01AM

Or, if they wanted to do nudes, done more blush, stronger eyes, etc.kragey2/25/2013 9:07AM

There's nothing with the "natural" look--I think we're just bashing because we see those looks+antiqueglitter2/25/2013 8:52AM

I didn't find those looks natural at all. They looked like really heavy neutral looks--beige lips,kragey2/25/2013 9:08AM

Well, to each their own, I guess.antiqueglitter2/25/2013 9:28AM

I didn't intend this as bashing, just as a discussion of mu looks. I'm always trying to learnmaymee2/25/2013 8:59AM

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were bashing. I just saw a lot of bashing online! /:antiqueglitter2/25/2013 9:28AM

Or I think it is just that there were so many of them-like they all got the same memoivanabacowboy2/25/2013 8:54AM

This. A couple I can understand. EVERYONE doing it regardless if it's flattering or not is weird.Enkida2/25/2013 9:34AM