Super dorky packing question - traveling for 8 days/7 nights, r/o

no easy access to laundry.

How many pairs of pj's do you take?

And pls don't say none - I have a horrible fear of someone pulling the fire alarm at the hotel in the middle of the night and having to run out of the room in whatever I'm sleeping in.


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expand whole threadSuper dorky packing question - traveling for 8 days/7 nights, r/oirongirl2/24/2013 4:53PM

1dggd2/25/2013 2:21PM

I spent all of November in hotels+chayaNY2/25/2013 2:23AM

3 at least; I hate hotel smell on me and I sweat at night. I would take the least bulky possible+tigeratty2/24/2013 11:11PM

I'd take one pair of PJs at the most, unless +++hollyannie20012/24/2013 8:24PM

Very surprised at the answers below - I'd take 3 or 4+kgsd2/24/2013 7:25PM

1kself2/24/2013 7:07PM

1chachadigregorio2/24/2013 6:42PM

2nica2/24/2013 6:20PM

this, I have to have clean pjsjitjit2/24/2013 7:21PM

oneponeegryl2/24/2013 6:13PM

I'd just bring one pair and wash them in the sink if necessary ++toutes_les_shoes2/24/2013 6:01PM

One pair would be fine for me.grobanite192/24/2013 5:44PM

2, but probably one bottom and two topspuffinrose2/24/2013 5:41PM

I would bring one pair of yoga pants and a couple different tanks.. but I don't really have the sapphire192/24/2013 5:24PM

one pair for a week...seriously!lazylittlelady2/24/2013 5:24PM

2, but I slleping in yoga pants and they get stretched out and too looseVermiciousKnid2/24/2013 5:11PM

one... I don't wash PJs more than every like 2 weeks xDydol2/24/2013 5:00PM

>:D same here!gconn2/24/2013 5:06PM

Hmmm, (possibly tmi to follow?) r/oirongirl2/24/2013 5:11PM

Take one bottom and a few tshrts.. Maybe u can wash yourself in roomolgah2/24/2013 10:37PM

i am peri-menopausal and have night sweats. I sleep in as little as possible and I'd prob need r/ogingerkitten2/24/2013 6:59PM

I asked my friend...ropsdamare2/24/2013 6:29PM

Thanks!irongirl2/24/2013 6:30PM

if that's the case, I'd bring as many pairs of PJs as you need +gconn2/24/2013 5:13PM

That's a good idea, thx!!irongirl2/24/2013 5:16PM

clearly it is because we are delicate flowers who don't sweat and anyone ++ydol2/24/2013 5:09PM

ha - see my post just above :)irongirl2/24/2013 5:11PM

I just bring 1 for a week but I don't sleep in them. suzq252/24/2013 4:57PM