Okay, so, every foundation EVER has clinged to my dry patches. Will HG no.28 reallllllly fix this?!

I just need a push.

A push into the dark, expensive side.

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expand whole threadOkay, so, every foundation EVER has clinged to my dry patches. Will HG no.28 reallllllly fix this?! proudlock2/24/2013 4:30PM

Try exfoliating well first, then applying moisturizers, creams, oils, what have you.mayebear872/24/2013 5:58PM

Probably not. You need Mandom Barrier Repair, methinks. Cheap but inconvenient.daseined2/24/2013 5:09PM

Didn't help me at all. Using vaseline on damp skin for a few evenings did.dizzielittlerascal2/24/2013 4:42PM

Just use a nice face oilrivoli2/24/2013 4:33PM

pbi: hg no. 28 is full of oils ivanabacowboy2/24/2013 4:54PM

Do you have any recs? :)proudlock2/24/2013 4:34PM

I got a sample of Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil from Sephora and fell in love...patricew2/24/2013 4:40PM

pbi: i am so into this oil! got the sample from sephora too, and now i'm hoarding the 100 pt perk +evildoctorporkchop2/24/2013 4:47PM

Have you tried a primer first? I have very dry skin and YSL Matt touch really helpedbillyreubin2/24/2013 4:32PM

Yeah, but the cones broke me out, ugh!proudlock2/24/2013 4:34PM

:/ Hmm... there are some gurus on YT with dry skin that love embryolisse (sp) as a primer +billyreubin2/24/2013 4:37PM

I actually use that right now! It is moisturising, but not... um.. I don't know.. glidy/slippy?proudlock2/24/2013 4:37PM

I think I know what you mean yes.billyreubin2/24/2013 4:48PM

pbi - no 28 serum is LOADED with silicone :/gconn2/24/2013 4:35PM

Oh.... great....! TY for letting me know!proudlock2/24/2013 4:36PM

It can definitely help - any chance you can get a sample? +gconn2/24/2013 4:32PM

Mm, how can I get a sample?proudlock2/24/2013 4:33PM

Perhaps a counter? Or if there are none nearby that give samples, Zuneta can add one to an order.gconn2/24/2013 4:35PM

TY. Zuneta it is!proudlock2/24/2013 4:36PM

I would get a sample, actuallyemisara2/24/2013 4:31PM

All I see are the mini bottles? :(proudlock2/24/2013 4:33PM

Can you go to a Sephora or a counter? They could make you a sample (okay, I see above)emisara2/24/2013 4:43PM

don't! I Mac F&B is the kindest to my dry patches but +Absalom2/24/2013 4:31PM

i got a deluxe sample with a sephora order awhile back. it's not that helpful+++rengreen2/24/2013 5:36PM

My skin is coming out nicely with the use of AHA, but foundation still goes on strangely. :(proudlock2/24/2013 4:34PM

*comforts*Absalom2/24/2013 4:34PM