I think high end may be the end to my madness. Rop

TRUE STORY: I've been hunting high and low for the best colors, finishes, and ESP fdtn for 3 makeup addicted years now. I have a few ds goodies, but am coming over to the dark side. Walked into the "other side" of the Ulta last month and walked out with my now go to makeup for just about everything. Still have a few day favs, but I am sooooo tired of hunting just to save a few bucks. I mean, I love shopping, but it was starting to feel like the end of a marathon (ie, when will this end??) Have any of you been here? I've found the light...take my hand you High end fans..show me the way...

Just a silly little post I thought I'd write! Hope you're all having a great evening!

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expand whole threadI think high end may be the end to my madness. Ropmoosie41542/13/2013 12:46AM

LOL @ "the other side" of Ultaleshii2/13/2013 1:16AM

...I still buy both... HE didn't cure me (though it did make me pickier about powder products)thecharm2/13/2013 1:00AM

i wont totally abandon ds, but now i have something to compare to and sadly, higher expectationsmoosie41542/13/2013 1:03AM

I became addicted to HE too, I'm rarely disappointed now, products work the way I want no compromisesaarahkb42/13/2013 12:58AM

ITA!moosie41542/13/2013 1:12AM

I don't even buy DS anymore. I've become a total HE h00r!spookydeuce2/13/2013 12:50AM

I bought a few of my new faves from your suggs to the ladies here, not stalking you, lolmoosie41542/13/2013 1:04AM

Haha, yay!spookydeuce2/13/2013 1:11AM

I totally understand....+Inyoung2/13/2013 12:49AM

romoosie41542/13/2013 12:59AM

I completely am there. <3 that's why MUA is here, LOL.Inyoung2/13/2013 1:02AM

ps, lots of smartphone mistakes above, my apologiesmoosie41542/13/2013 1:00AM

Oh, I thought you were talking about God *is slow*koushi2/13/2013 12:47AM

Bahahha ill correct it, still kinda new to the board..silly rookiemoosie41542/13/2013 12:48AM

Nah, you didn't do anything wrong, lol, I am just out of it XDkoushi2/13/2013 12:48AM

My bf is looking at me cause im laughing histaricallymoosie41542/13/2013 12:51AM

Now I'm loling just imagining this, hahaha!koushi2/13/2013 12:53AM

ps, i know she MUAs too so she totally got it, and we went on like nothing happened lmaomoosie41542/13/2013 1:10AM

Imagine his expression when i said to the SA i wanted her to put the ballz on my face at the countermoosie41542/13/2013 1:08AM

ROFLMAO.Inyoung2/13/2013 12:47AM