My counter swatches of the new TF$$ Spring lipsticks

Top Row:
Insidious, Quiver, Smitten, Frolic and Willful
Bottom Row:
Bare, Chastity, Nubile, Abandon and Ravenous

counter lighting and outdoor lighting.

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Feels nice. The darker colors were much more pigmented than I thought they would be. I bought Willfull, a really pretty warm sheer red.

Apparently more color products (e/s, etc) to be released in April.

Hope you enjoy

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expand whole threadMy counter swatches of the new TF$$ Spring lipsticksbellyhead2/5/2013 2:17PM

NOOO! I don't wanna fall for Tom!!! *hides eyes from pretty lippies*bergamott2/5/2013 2:56PM

Thank you for posting these! Please let us know when more new Spring/Summer comes in!Mischief_Managed2/5/2013 2:35PM

:-) I'll check it out in April again for sure, if not before.bellyhead2/5/2013 2:38PM

ooh, Frolic!!!!! love . . .muddle2/5/2013 2:32PM

Noticed darker mauves and berries are really in style for Spring! Love it.dlgdcpa2/5/2013 2:29PM

:-) Ravenous is the star, I think. bellyhead2/5/2013 2:31PM

lovely, thank you so much. However, more lemmings now....premerald22/5/2013 2:28PM

my lemmings are a legion!bellyhead2/5/2013 2:31PM

Pretteh!!traxfever2/5/2013 2:27PM

don't they look shineh and pretteh?bellyhead2/5/2013 2:29PM

Yeah! Though my eyes go straight to the red. Loltraxfever2/5/2013 2:35PM

yeppers. that's what I bought!bellyhead2/5/2013 2:41PM

Oooooh, SO pretty! Thanks for the swatches!!!pinky332/5/2013 2:24PM

wear time appears pretty piddly. :(bellyhead2/5/2013 2:26PM

That's ok...I don't mind reapplying w/those fancy shmancy tubes.pinky332/5/2013 2:30PM

it's true, you get to pull out a fancy tube! bellyhead2/5/2013 2:31PM

I want quiver purely for cold comfort farm reasonsmadeupstories2/5/2013 2:20PM

Ive not read it! I'm a neanderthal!bellyhead2/5/2013 2:21PM

D: DO SO IMMEDIATELY madeupstories2/5/2013 2:22PM

*commencing kindle search!*bellyhead2/5/2013 2:22PM

i love the looks of willful vampiressrevenge2/5/2013 2:18PM

funny names, all of em! :Dbellyhead2/5/2013 2:20PM