Check out this NYT slide show on wedge sneakers! Some clever styling ideas... +

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expand whole threadCheck out this NYT slide show on wedge sneakers! Some clever styling ideas... +nekochama2/5/2013 2:01PM

Thanks for this! I love my wedge sneaks. So comfy but I get some height!pumpkin112/6/2013 5:45PM

I liked 3, very understated. I've never found high tops comfortable, though, so I'dDraper2/5/2013 5:48PM

It took me a while to get in the wedge sneakers, now, I cannot get enough of them.irimoto2/5/2013 5:15PM

They are growing on me but remind me of my 1980s Reebok high topstigeratty2/5/2013 4:09PM

I know... it's like when I saw neon was back, I thought ew! But then... I caved!nekochama2/5/2013 4:22PM

nms, but i don't mind them. i did however do a major O_o at the dude wearing them. ButterflyEffect2/5/2013 3:11PM

I just can't get on board with this. So not my style!PeggyBundy2/5/2013 2:50PM

I don't wear them either, but I really like some of these urban-chic looks. It's fun.nekochama2/5/2013 3:03PM

I'm a huge sneaker junkie hope this trend stays for a while TylerlovesMaxwell2/5/2013 2:40PM

I think this trend has legs (har har) for a good while yet. Enjoy it as long as you want!nekochama2/5/2013 2:44PM

pumpkin112/6/2013 5:45PM

some of those are really cute, but they'd be cuter w/ diff shoes. I hate wedge sneaks.prettykitty200342/5/2013 2:37PM

those outfits are NMS but a few look okgizmorules2/5/2013 2:20PM

Cool looks, just not my styletinobanano2/5/2013 2:18PM

A couple of those women look great. I've never felt I can pull off those sneaker tho.dustgirl2/5/2013 2:09PM

Me neither... but I admire the women who make them look rad!nekochama2/5/2013 2:11PM

I like 2 & 5, they're the most similar to how I wear mine. Thanks for this! clawback2/5/2013 2:09PM

Sure! I like most of them, including the guy - he rocks 'em.nekochama2/5/2013 2:11PM

mos def! He looks better than a few of the women lol clawback2/5/2013 2:13PM

That is absolutely true! I love when boys borrow from the girls, we borrow from them constantly.nekochama2/5/2013 2:14PM