Post the name of a gorgeous over 40 celebrity, and we'll list any skincare steps they say they used

I'd like to see what's worked for them. I'm more interested in things they've used long term, not really the latest endorsement...

Its ok to include surgeries and facials peels, if they have said that they use them. Thats part of their steps.

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expand whole threadPost the name of a gorgeous over 40 celebrity, and we'll list any skincare steps they say they used Herbst32/2/2013 11:33PM

Emma Watsonfrckls2/4/2013 4:56AM

I just read in Glamour UK she swears by Marie Veronique Organicsfrckls2/4/2013 4:57AM

Monica Belucci.ispania2/4/2013 3:55AM

Charlize Theron!aznmnkygrl8082/4/2013 2:32AM

Angela Bassett! This woman looks amazing and is in her 50s!happynappy12/3/2013 8:53PM

Diane Lanestuartpierce2/3/2013 5:48PM

Rachel Weisz...jstar20092/3/2013 1:02PM

Jessica Langeslim342/3/2013 11:13AM

Robert Redford...LOLskincarekevin2/3/2013 10:59AM

Yikers!junomacguff2/3/2013 4:06PM

Sure! Why not!? He looks great!Herbst32/3/2013 11:08AM

Helen Mirren; I wish I looked as fabulous now at 29 as she does at 67! :Dmeggan8082/3/2013 8:27AM

Yes, she rocks!marmaladecat2/3/2013 2:58PM

Why? What works for one doesn't necessarily have to work for the other. Also genetics play an ropLizzy282/3/2013 7:40AM

But wouldn't it be great to find out someone only used dove for 30 yrs. ?Herbst32/3/2013 11:04AM

Yes! My thoughts exactly. junomacguff2/3/2013 4:07PM

To answer the why: for fun! :)meggan8082/3/2013 8:23AM

Plastic surgery, and you can't trust anything they endorse because they're being paid.maxxine2/3/2013 7:08AM

Thats fine, then list the plastic surgery, and we all know the endorsements are biased. Its ok.Herbst32/3/2013 11:03AM

Well, Cate Blanchett has admitted to fillers, but most won't admit anything.maxxine2/3/2013 11:52AM

when did Cate Blanchett admit to fillers? Never heard that. jstar20092/3/2013 1:05PM

Julianne Moore - *worships*Lise42/3/2013 6:31AM

She's said she uses Olay Complete Sensitive SPF 15.moongrrl2/3/2013 4:17PM

Not sure if she qualifies as a "celebrity," but Yasmin Le Bon +envinia2/3/2013 2:34AM

She's 48!? She could easily pass for in her 20s. ashley925042/3/2013 11:18AM

Also, Madeleine Stowe(54). She looks great for her age,but it's obvious shes had a lot of work doneenvinia2/3/2013 2:41AM

MS looks incredible, I would like to know some of her tips.jstar20092/3/2013 1:00PM

Naomi Watts looks really good as well :) She's 44envinia2/3/2013 2:44AM

Jennifer LopezHorny2/3/2013 2:34AM

Monica Bellucciangelface2/3/2013 2:02AM

Meryl Streep?gingerrama2/3/2013 1:58AM

How about Betty White :)Herbst32/3/2013 12:31AM

*love* meggan8082/3/2013 8:28AM

Gwen Stefanigirlzippy2/3/2013 12:11AM

I agree. Gwen is lovely. But I have no clue what she uses.barbiH2/3/2013 10:53AM

Cate BlanchettHerbst32/2/2013 11:42PM

OMG her skin is so amazing. I'm in awe of it.envinia2/3/2013 2:22AM

2nd. Love her!meggan8082/3/2013 8:24AM

She really does look ethereal. Ugh. Envious.frckls2/4/2013 4:57AM

SK II supposedly.junomacguff2/3/2013 12:07AM