I got a pro pedi today and am irritated. They asked me if I could wait, they had 2 appointments++

before me. I said sure, and she took me back to a chair, got me soaking and said she'd be back.

What they DIDN't tell me was that one or the appointments was for NINE women, all getting the VIP pedi that takes 75 minutes (longer if you get nail art, which almost all of them did). And they only had 4 people doing pedis.

I sat, soaking, for over 2 hours before they got to me. She had to come and refill my water twice because it had gotten cold. After the first hour, I kept my feet propped where only my heels were in the water, because I didn't want my toenails swollen and water logged to where all my polish would chip off. I was there for 3 hours and 20 minutes total (including drying).

I still paid, and even tipped my tech, but I WILL NOT be going back.

I thought about leaving, but by the time I considered it, I had already put in so much time I didn't feel it worth leaving.

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