Can someone recommend a good moisturizing, anti-aging eye cream? +

I'm getting older & have been noticing a few fine lines under my eyes recently. The extreme cold weather where I live doesn't help, & I'm having a hard time finding anything that will help soften the look of the lines, as well as keep them moisturized. Any recommendations?

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expand whole threadCan someone recommend a good moisturizing, anti-aging eye cream? +Devi831/27/2013 4:09PM

If you're serious, the cream version of Retin-A, applied to about 1/16 of an inch away from the eye.lisamims11/30/2013 9:57AM

Shiseido Benefiance. Love the product and the science invested in Shiseido.tvartdiva1/30/2013 8:34AM

I'm so bummed, I looked into ordering it online (I'm Canadian & there are no Sephora stores near Devi832/2/2013 7:14PM

I'm obsessed with Amorepacific Future Response cream followed by Avene EluageLacquerLover1/29/2013 8:46PM

I noticed softening of my lines with Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair for night + trisheee1/29/2013 12:59PM

only a cream with a low percentage tretinoin or aha can be "anti aging"morganna7771/28/2013 9:21PM

Revive, the one that's cheaper. OMG this stuff is amazing. I amhammond20031/28/2013 6:32PM

ROC Sensitive, excellent! has been an eye saver for me!svetie1/28/2013 4:46PM

For me, tapping on a thin layer of vaseline over my usual night cream is the only thing that ropdonnz1/28/2013 3:56PM

Kiehls Avocado eye cream is a very lightweight unbelievably moisturizing optionirimoto1/28/2013 8:33AM

ReplenixAmyFarrahFowler1/27/2013 8:00PM

I've never heard of replenix, I'm intrigued!Devi831/28/2013 6:28AM

I'm really wanting to try this...junomacguff1/27/2013 11:47PM

Avene Eluage +++joanofsarcasm1/27/2013 4:44PM

Very, very drying! I know it gets lots of love on this board but I tried it r/osuzq251/27/2013 4:48PM

ITFA - this was aweful stuff for me, extremely dryinggizmorules1/27/2013 6:10PM

I've tried it. It was okay for my face, but under my eyes it was way+Devi831/27/2013 4:57PM

pbi: there is Eluage Riche available. Also for best results, I alternate with ++icaria1/27/2013 5:13PM

I didn't know about the eluage riche, I'll have to look into that!+Devi831/27/2013 5:18PM

Health food stores, GoW. It's great for the eye area, cuticles and any dry spot ++icaria1/27/2013 6:02PM

How about just rosehip oil and aquaphor then? ++joanofsarcasm1/27/2013 5:03PM

It's worth a shot! I don't think any stores around here carry aquaphor though+Devi831/27/2013 5:13PM

We do have Aquaphor, usually in the acne treatments isle.icaria1/27/2013 6:04PM

I'm in Canada. I've seen the Eucerin moisturizers (I have one and really like it!)+Devi831/27/2013 5:20PM

I do. Do you live overseas?joanofsarcasm1/27/2013 5:17PM

I didn't like it either..did nothing for me. :/Aniax0211/27/2013 4:57PM

For moisture - Shiseido Benefiance. I'm probably 2x your age and love it.suzq251/27/2013 4:13PM

2nd Love it!tvartdiva1/30/2013 8:35AM

I've looked at that before, but it's a bit pricey & I'd have it order it online +Devi831/27/2013 4:15PM

I live in a super dry climate (the desert) and my undereye area craves moisture!suzq251/27/2013 5:14PM