Brands you feel deserve more attention? Mine: Elizabeth Arden, Lipstick Queen, La Femme, and

to a lesser extent, Kevyn Aucoin, which is starting to become popular again, but mostly on this board, from what I can see.

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expand whole threadBrands you feel deserve more attention? Mine: Elizabeth Arden, Lipstick Queen, La Femme, andkragey1/27/2013 2:30AM

Mary Kay. I love their products and not all consultants are sharks. Mine is awesome. kklunder1/29/2013 6:52PM

Cat Cosmetics and SKIN79historian121/29/2013 3:42PM

LQ was very popular when Karla was swatching them, ppl should talk about them more!aksaiyo1/29/2013 2:52PM

2nd Lipstick Queen! Also, Vincent Longo & LORAC2ksmom1/29/2013 11:28AM

KA, sue devitt, vincent longoocelot11/29/2013 1:10AM

Sue Devitt & Eve Pearl angelheartschanel20091/28/2013 2:55PM

A lot of European drugstore and mid-range brand and one or two American ones like ++Meshmmesha7720001/28/2013 2:17PM

I agree with Kevin aucoin. also ddfloveisblind11/28/2013 1:16PM

Sennaangelyshis1/27/2013 4:07AM

Avon, Bare Mineralsangel10641/27/2013 3:26AM

Avon has some very underrated lipsticks , perfumes and ++Meshmmesha7720001/28/2013 2:03PM

The newest Avon lipsticks are amazing & several fragrances ladylike & face creams are great!magixz1/28/2013 2:44PM

I haven't tried their new lipsticks yet , but I used to wear them a lot some years ago ++Meshmmesha7720001/28/2013 5:11PM

Avon makes my HG night cream!!!kragey1/27/2013 3:43AM

MARK BettyV1/28/2013 9:42AM

I love their shadows & some fragrances, not the lipsticks though, that mint flavor turns me off.magixz1/28/2013 2:42PM

which do you use? I love their skincare!!angel10641/27/2013 9:29AM

cannoy wait to try lipstick queenladykolie1/27/2013 3:24AM

Dat brand...*humps its leg*kragey1/27/2013 3:50AM

About EA - no counter nearme sells this line. Robinsons May used toRupa1/27/2013 3:13AM

ITA with Elizabeth Arden. Their lipsticks are fantastic!!blooiejagwa1/27/2013 3:08AM

Yes. Their skincare is excellent, also...especially their masksmaggiegault1/28/2013 3:25PM

I just tried EA volume mascara, it's really good.purpleocean1/27/2013 5:13AM

YES OMG. Poppy Cream = LOOOOOVEkragey1/27/2013 3:15AM

OMG that one's my fave too........... blooiejagwa1/27/2013 3:21AM

It cosmeticscytaormina1/27/2013 3:05AM

Bye Bye Undereye is a great concealer, and one of the few that runs pale enough for me.elektroshock1/29/2013 12:13PM

bareminerals ready duos and holiday palettes. AMAZING qualityworryworryworry1/27/2013 2:42AM

i oddly like Max Factor but rarely read about it herejowina1/27/2013 2:35AM

Drugstore . com used to carry it , I wished to order some myself but sadly ++Meshmmesha7720001/28/2013 2:23PM

Big second on Max Factor ...Meshmmesha7720001/28/2013 2:20PM

bernb1/27/2013 3:22AM

that's good to know. I've been looking for a good online sure for max factorloveisblind11/28/2013 1:13PM

Maybe because a lot of our users are US and it's been discontinued here. :(kragey1/27/2013 2:35AM

Which makes me so sad because I am a huge fan of Max Factor the man. He was a makeup genius. captainspaceburger1/27/2013 2:40AM

Read his biography this past summer and looooved it.kragey1/27/2013 2:56AM

oh that makes sense,Max Factir is a constant in dept stores herejowina1/27/2013 2:39AM

givenchyanonamizz1/27/2013 2:33AM

2ndkoushi1/27/2013 2:36AM

canmake for the blushes..there was an actual KA counter at my nordies today!eternalstarangel1/27/2013 2:32AM

JEALOUS!!! And I keep hoping to try Canmake some day.kragey1/27/2013 2:33AM

it didn't have everything though..just e/s, sculpting powder and some lip stuffeternalstarangel1/27/2013 2:33AM

Ah. Well, then, nevermind. XD Still, it'd be nice to actually SEE Kevyn Aucoin stuff in person.kragey1/27/2013 2:36AM

Fyrinnae.spookydeuce1/27/2013 2:32AM

Really? I feel like Fyrinnae gets lots of attention on forums, blogs, and YouTube...although most ofkragey1/27/2013 2:32AM

lol, I dunno. I just like them. My scope of what the rest of the world likes and knows about++spookydeuce1/27/2013 2:34AM

You and me both. I haven't been on Specktra in, like, a year.kragey1/27/2013 2:34AM

Oh, maybe Hakuhodo. It has this reputation for being ridiculously expensive++spookydeuce1/27/2013 2:38AM

i really want the 5523, so affordable!!!! sold out atm -__-worryworryworry1/27/2013 2:41AM