Going to Paris and wondering if there are any specific skin products I should get while I'm there ++

e.g. stuff you can't really get in the States. For reference, I'm super oily and acne prone. I was also wondering whether anyone had been to Biologique Recherche in Paris--thinking about a trip there since I love Lotion P50 :) TIA!

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expand whole threadGoing to Paris and wondering if there are any specific skin products I should get while I'm there ++OHEMEFFGEE1/24/2013 7:42PM

AllAboutMe831/28/2013 11:09PM

12 French Pharmacy Items We Can't Do Without +++katras1/28/2013 2:49PM

Fragonard fragrances are the best! Also, I agree about the Bioderma :)dakota20101/28/2013 2:36PM

btw, I know eau micellaire is the "thing" and I swear by it BUT ROPespiegle1/27/2013 12:19AM

it would be a good time to try Avene and RochePosay, Vichy and ROC becaues ROPespiegle1/27/2013 12:15AM

oh and please please check out the body and hair products by le petit marseillais! they're great!!!mutschi1/26/2013 6:53PM

I also quite like the embryolisse lait as a basic moisturizer when ropmutschi1/24/2013 8:12PM

are you oily? i feel like i would become a slick if i used this :xOHEMEFFGEE1/24/2013 8:28PM

oh! no, I'm quite dry actually... then I guess stick with the bioderma :)mutschi1/24/2013 8:34PM

Most of all: sunscreen! Lots of good sunscreen! Also check out the lovely oaty Aderma stuff.elf_1071/24/2013 7:55PM

any recs on good s/s? :)OHEMEFFGEE1/24/2013 7:56PM

Bioderma, LRP, Ducray, Avene, Vichy. Get one of each! LOLfrckls1/24/2013 8:42PM

bioderma sensibio. you *can* get it in the US but online and expensive. >lollelujah1/24/2013 7:49PM

this! bioderma ftw!retrocirce1/28/2013 9:51PM

agreed. didn't strip your skin and gets off false lashes evenloveisblind11/28/2013 1:27PM

2nd. so good. I stock up every time I go to france. mutschi1/24/2013 7:53PM

i had a look at the reviews--what do you guys like about it? ty for responses :) oh and how much is+OHEMEFFGEE1/24/2013 7:55PM

It absorbs gunks on my face like a dream. Can handle non-wp mascara and pencil liners like +++frckls1/24/2013 8:50PM

wow 60 dollars for triacneal?! it costs 12 euros here in germany!! this is insane! such a small tubemutschi1/24/2013 9:11PM

The price markup outside europe is really outrageous! Just like American d/s MUs here. Boo!frckls1/25/2013 4:21AM

I like how easy it removes eye m/u without oil, without irritating my eyes ++mutschi1/24/2013 8:05PM

i really dont use it for mu removal. plus it wont budge my wp mascara >>>lollelujah1/24/2013 8:03PM

tbh i'd be so afraid to do this, i feel like i'd be so shiny if i didn't wash the oilies.OHEMEFFGEE1/24/2013 8:05PM

i was VERY skeptical but it does work on the oil without stripping your face >lollelujah1/24/2013 8:21PM