Constructive criticism, please? Maybe some nail advice? +

I posted last night about having triangle shaped nails, and I think it might have been taken that I have duck nails. Eww, definitely not. :) Some of them just kind of naturally grow that way. I've read Loodie's entry about changing nail shape, but I guess part of me is looking to hear from someone that has been able to successfully change their shape.

Here's a picture. I'm open to criticism, but keep in mind that winter here is very dry (moisturizing has made the whole package look much better than it used to!). I'm also trying out a new nail shape, which still needs work, but I'd like feedback about it. When left natural, my pinkie, ring, and middle grow more squared, while pointer and thumb are rounded.

Anyway, enough blabbing! Here's the picture.


Polish is Zoya Wednesday with two coats of Hit Polish Funfetti on top.

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