Here's a trip down memory lane: Jane Eye Zing Magical Mushroom & Twilight Zone swatches r/o

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Twilight Zone & Magical Mushroom, AKA my most cherished e/s in my stash

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My collection of Eye Zings. These little pots of magic are what spurred my obsession with cosmetics. I'm so sad that Jane Cosmetics are now gone :*(

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expand whole threadHere's a trip down memory lane: Jane Eye Zing Magical Mushroom & Twilight Zone swatches r/oSplee1/19/2013 12:17AM

The only 1 I still have is Rockstar. I just depotted it yesterday to put in a palette. It cracked):applecour3/6/2013 10:35AM

Never owned the old school e/s but had their np, l/s, l/g and their green e/l was my fav!ocelot11/23/2013 1:59AM

I miss old school Jane! Also a brand that got me into makeup. Remember the little booklets they hadocelot11/23/2013 1:58AM

I totally do too. I still have a few!cordulam1/22/2013 10:19PM

I loved the Jane Eye Zingsdrugstorediva31/22/2013 6:17PM

Magical Mushroom is one of the most lovely e/s ever.lepin1/22/2013 10:41AM

I have both of these in my stash as well as backups!lesa1/22/2013 10:22AM

Oooooohanewme1/19/2013 1:15AM

youngpunkk1/19/2013 12:43AM

I can totally relate. What was the lippie called?saturdaystevens1/19/2013 12:51AM

JANE. *misses*thecharm1/19/2013 12:43AM

I thought they had a website to shop from?makeupjunkie4521/19/2013 12:35AM

All the cult classics are dc'd. the glory days are overthecharm1/19/2013 12:43AM

Yep. i just went on the website & it has none of the same products I remembersaturdaystevens1/19/2013 12:47AM

Ahh I see. makeupjunkie4521/19/2013 12:47AM

thecharm1/19/2013 12:44AM

I love MM! Still have some Jane e/s that I love!checkydoll1/19/2013 12:34AM

love it! I just recently got MM as a swap extra after wanting it for years and DIED. DIEDkmbirkel1/19/2013 12:34AM

Damnthecharm1/19/2013 12:45AM

I still remember Jane Hi Ho silver being talked about hererivoli1/19/2013 12:26AM

I have that!saturdaystevens1/19/2013 12:28AM

I was thinking of posting a pic of all my Jane & you beat me to it.++saturdaystevens1/19/2013 12:24AM

It's Stormy Teal, I found this one off of evil-bay loooong ago. Splee1/19/2013 12:30AM

Jane is probably the only brand that won't have fakes on there.saturdaystevens1/19/2013 12:34AM

zomg. i could never find magical mushroom :(anonamizz1/19/2013 12:22AM

do you remember bonnebell eniticemint glosses? i *really* miss thoseanonamizz1/19/2013 12:26AM