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Nicole by OPI Kourt Is Red-Y For A Pedi

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haha, made you look at a Kardashian color but seriously...nice color but very sheer. This is 4 thin coats.

This pic is like 3 or 2.5 years years old. Kind of embarrassing to post because it shows how damaged from acrylics my nails were and how gross and fat my hands were but....yes, going from terrible nails to nice ones is very possible!

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thank you for looking

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expand whole threadNOTD - Bright red plus how my nails used to look before proper care, pics >>pretty_please1/16/2013 2:47PM

so gorgeous! how...did you do that. my nails look almost exactly like yours in the "before" pic :'(juniperglimpse1/17/2013 2:34AM

That red looks amazing on you :) Can't believe the difference in your nails!Eleobel1/16/2013 6:38PM

I love that red, no matter who makes it. Your nails look great.Deanna21/16/2013 5:44PM

That red looks great on you! Lovely nails!TheLizzer1/16/2013 4:08PM

Your nails are gorgeous, and red looks great on you!pandorasue1/16/2013 4:05PM

Beautiful!! Your nails are gorgeous :)rmcandlelight1/16/2013 3:48PM

Beautiful!! Your nails look great! I love before & after NB pics. Thanks for posting this.julia9411/16/2013 3:28PM

Your nails look amazing! That should give some people a lot of hope!patricew1/16/2013 3:12PM

I had none when I started with my natural nails. Never thought I could have decent onespretty_please1/16/2013 3:17PM

I love how shiny this mani is! Great red!themadbiochemist1/16/2013 3:03PM

looks great! Interesting that it's four coats on you, it's a one (thick) coater for mephilosophin1/16/2013 2:59PM

yeah! I heard that it was a one coater and after my first coat was very confused lolpretty_please1/16/2013 3:00PM

U made me lol, is this a jelly or just very sheer? I am looking for a red jelly...its beautiful btw!LovePurple6241/16/2013 2:58PM

I have a hard time telling if something is a jelly but I'd say it's probably just sheer since roppretty_please1/16/2013 3:00PM

Gotcha! and I have a hard time aswell :/LovePurple6241/16/2013 3:11PM

Beautiful! I love pics like thesebejunkie1/16/2013 2:53PM

I love those kardashian colors *hangs head in shame*denvergal1/16/2013 2:49PM

me too, I guess if it was a celeb I *really* didnt care for I might not but the colors are nice >pretty_please1/16/2013 3:02PM

you have really pretty long fingers! lovemiadelaine1/16/2013 2:48PM

ty! long fingers are the one perk of massive hands lolpretty_please1/16/2013 2:49PM