First-world problem: I love wearing camisoles, but hate how they bunch up and roll up under clothes+

I like to wear the cami underneath as a matter of hygiene, so I'd really like to continue. How do I manage the lumps and bumps? Same with long tops that I tuck in. They are so bulky and messy-looking underneath. What do you ladies do?

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expand whole threadFirst-world problem: I love wearing camisoles, but hate how they bunch up and roll up under clothes+nishagh11/16/2013 2:02PM

Thanks everyone! I didn't realize that the tighter the cami, the more likely it is to ride up! I++nishagh11/18/2013 2:04PM

I love the Caslon camisoles from Nordstroms - perfect length and fit!keelan1/17/2013 2:57AM

Great! I'll check these out!nishagh11/18/2013 2:03PM

Hygeine? I dont get it? Just wash your clothes and u dont have to protect with a camiHODOR1/16/2013 5:11PM

I donít get it either.mylegfeelsfunny1/18/2013 4:27PM

You are so unpleasant. nishagh11/18/2013 2:05PM

I usually tuck in camis to avoid bunching or bandeaus over my bras (thankfully they stay on)cherry211/16/2013 4:17PM

I do, too, but you can always see the line where the cami ends on me!nishagh11/18/2013 2:05PM

I like these demi cami's. I have the same problem with bunching...r/oGuppie7771/16/2013 3:40PM

what a fab idea! I just have gotten used to the feel of two layers, thoughseevan1/16/2013 5:10PM

So smart!gingerkitten1/16/2013 4:08PM

I know it sounds very 80's, but you might prefer a bodysuit+ginam981/16/2013 2:34PM

I actually love bodysuits. If the looser cami idea doesn't work, I'm going to try this.nishagh11/18/2013 2:06PM

Tuck them in panties.jhodi1/16/2013 2:15PM

2ndtigeratty1/16/2013 3:03PM

I would get a looser, longer tank...should be comfortable not tightlazylittlelady1/16/2013 2:06PM

Almost like a slip, huh?nishagh11/18/2013 2:06PM

This, x 100.joules61/16/2013 3:16PM

3rdartbabe1/16/2013 4:43PM

F21 camis are the best and they stay firm to your body jennate1/16/2013 2:06PM

the cotton ones?miss_shopalot1/16/2013 3:48PM

I notice that only too-tight or really fitted camis ride up and bunch up like that, so i opt for +tinobanano1/16/2013 2:05PM

Where do you get yours?seonmi1/16/2013 2:09PM

i like uniqlo heattech camis (i size up though) and most of my other camis are from asia... +tinobanano1/16/2013 2:11PM

Oooh I am moving to NYC soon, so I'll have to go check these out. Thanks!nishagh11/18/2013 2:07PM

2nd on the Uniqlo heattech camis - they're longer and don't ride up. (Wearing one right now!)theman1/16/2013 2:57PM

I can't either! Will check out Uniqlo when I get a chance. Thanks!seonmi1/16/2013 2:19PM