Is it wrong of me to be basically "over" Zoya purely because they're not +

making a polish with the name I want them to?

I know a little girl named Madeline who LOVES polish - she asks every time I see her if I have polish in my purse and if we can paint her fingernails and toenails. Her mom also likes polish, and I've given her (on various Christmases, birthdays, etc) not just her own name Zoya polish, but her other two daughters' as well. Poor Madeline can't understand why Mom and her sisters have polishes "named after them," but not her. We even emailed Zoya a picture of her holding their Zoyas and pleading for one with her own name over a year ago, and nothing.

Now every time I see a new release from Zoya touting polishes with names like "Nyx" "Blaze" and "Happi," it just annoys me. I don't find their formula any better than other brands, and for a company that makes a lot of money off of people buying "namesake" polishes for friends and family... what are they doing? How many FeiFeis are there in the world, really - and how many Madelines?

Definitely a first world irritant, but I'm annoyed for sure.

(Also, HI NB! I've missed you! Trying to stay away... no money for NP around here. Can't create lemmings if I can't see them :)

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expand whole threadIs it wrong of me to be basically "over" Zoya purely because they're not +xaoey051/15/2013 1:16PM

Maybe time to celebrate her beautiful name or focus on other things? ++rocketqueen1/17/2013 2:12AM

ariel22291/17/2013 1:37AM

they don't have my name either. I still love them. It's not something I expecttrillium131/16/2013 10:52PM

It's your choice not to buy anymore but I find it a bit silly to expect them to name it afterbijoux271/16/2013 10:22PM

zoya's colors are way too awesome. madeline has you and a family who loves her, she'll be fine :)jskellis1/16/2013 6:00PM

They don't have a "Carol" either.angelheartschanel20091/16/2013 1:25PM

+++lollelujah1/15/2013 6:03PM

The polishes are probably planned WAY in advance (rop)vnyan1/15/2013 5:14PM

It's not wrong, but it's pretty silly.lkruty1/15/2013 3:41PM

Well.... You're right, that is first world problem defined.willruetheday1/15/2013 3:40PM

I completely understand this. I want one with my name too. +coramonster1/15/2013 2:49PM

Her mom calls her Maddy sometimes, but most call her Madeline. +xaoey051/15/2013 2:58PM

Thanks, I know it's getting popular again, I live in hope. lolcoramonster1/15/2013 7:25PM

For some reason, I TOTALLY understand. But don't give up on Zoya+++tlatrice1/15/2013 2:30PM

I thought that was the point of Zoya - she wanted polishes with unusual names, because she could +cilucia1/15/2013 2:16PM

Not upset, annoyed. I just don't understand why they didn't even respond to the email we sent. +xaoey051/15/2013 2:57PM

2ndZANT21/15/2013 2:26PM

3rdglitterific1/15/2013 2:40PM

4th life is shortguildedlily1/15/2013 2:42PM

Why not just make her her own polish and name it after her? I doubt she knows anything kristel01061/15/2013 2:16PM

Great idea.chloepoodle1/16/2013 9:06PM

I'm guessing it's also an affront to the little girl's intelligence, lolcilucia1/15/2013 2:16PM

No need to be rude, good grief. Making something for her myself is different than rebranding.xaoey051/15/2013 2:52PM

Why don't you make the color together?chloepoodle1/16/2013 9:07PM

Then when will they have my name (or Sivan, as it is more commonly spelled)? :Pseevan1/15/2013 2:01PM

I think Nails Inc will do custom polish with names. Sure I saw someone with one in their name.kiwisqurt1/15/2013 1:54PM

Yes, I think so. If they had to accomodate all the names around the globe (globe bc they don't +mapper51/15/2013 1:51PM

Thiskristel01061/15/2013 1:58PM

That was my first thought about the name.kiwisqurt1/15/2013 1:54PM

Here is a polish from Make Up Store in Madeleine +ForThePolishObsessed1/15/2013 1:40PM

I know, I posted about that one below xaoey051/15/2013 2:52PM

Maybe one of the indies on etsy could do a custom polish for you? +cactus23421/15/2013 1:37PM

I wish they had my name, but with my luck it would be a poopy brown.Deanna21/15/2013 1:37PM

polish names don't bug me except in the case of illamasqua load & opi uh oh roll down the window +penpalkate1/15/2013 1:32PM

Seems kinda silly to me, but if it bothers you, you have the right to boycott whatever you want+Heather11011/15/2013 1:31PM

Theres no Lynn yet either and I die a little bit on the inside with each passing collection... :(myclumsyheart1/15/2013 1:29PM

Julep has a Lynn, I wore it on my toes and liked it...still no mani though, not loud enough for me, PinkQueen1/15/2013 1:32PM

I'm not one to judge... I don't like Zoya mainly b/c I find the feminization of inanimate objects ++lcarrie1/15/2013 1:27PM

I never really considered but it does creep me out a bit when someone refers to a polish as "she"pretty_please1/15/2013 1:29PM

That's funny because I call eveything a guy, I'll just put these guys over here. coramonster1/15/2013 2:54PM

i say "him" lol "ill put him here" him being a lipgloss or something lol!worrdworrdd1/16/2013 10:36PM

Haha me too. "This little dude..." xaoey051/15/2013 2:59PM

Just searched, and there doesn't seem to be a Julep Madeline, either!swanjun1/15/2013 1:25PM

I think the Make Up Store has a "Madeleine" (beige holo) but I haven't been able to get itxaoey051/15/2013 1:28PM

They are getting really ecclectic with the names. Weird they don't have her name! They don't have &gpretty_please1/15/2013 1:23PM

The first name that came to mind was Violet, and I immediately pictured them releasing it as a +xaoey051/15/2013 1:25PM

you can be over a brand for any reason, lol...but this is a weird one, sorry, it just made me lol.+PinkQueen1/15/2013 1:21PM

I feel like that's an affront to her intelligence. She wants a "real" one.xaoey051/15/2013 1:24PM

I want a real one too...then I think...what if I hate the color :/ I don't know, if that was my +PinkQueen1/15/2013 1:27PM

Nope, Google Fail, sorry :(PinkQueen1/15/2013 1:31PM

2nd. could you make up a little sticker for her to cover the 'real' name and give her one?jaquito1/15/2013 1:24PM