Is it wrong of me to be basically "over" Zoya purely because they're not +

making a polish with the name I want them to?

I know a little girl named Madeline who LOVES polish - she asks every time I see her if I have polish in my purse and if we can paint her fingernails and toenails. Her mom also likes polish, and I've given her (on various Christmases, birthdays, etc) not just her own name Zoya polish, but her other two daughters' as well. Poor Madeline can't understand why Mom and her sisters have polishes "named after them," but not her. We even emailed Zoya a picture of her holding their Zoyas and pleading for one with her own name over a year ago, and nothing.

Now every time I see a new release from Zoya touting polishes with names like "Nyx" "Blaze" and "Happi," it just annoys me. I don't find their formula any better than other brands, and for a company that makes a lot of money off of people buying "namesake" polishes for friends and family... what are they doing? How many FeiFeis are there in the world, really - and how many Madelines?

Definitely a first world irritant, but I'm annoyed for sure.

(Also, HI NB! I've missed you! Trying to stay away... no money for NP around here. Can't create lemmings if I can't see them :)

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