POLL: What was the last thing you splurged on & were disappointed?


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expand whole threadPOLL: What was the last thing you splurged on & were disappointed?Ashley19581/12/2013 6:16PM

Urban Decay De-Slick sprayangelpretty3331/17/2013 3:53AM

Benefit Tropicoral Kit-Huge Let Down...I hate every single item in that kit...sigh~~Aishteru851/16/2013 10:52PM

Lorac's Unzipped Pallette and I was disappointed and honestly didn't realize until I got home that I3110hello1/16/2013 10:05PM

YSL rouge pur couture lipstick in #2. It's the perfect berry shade for me, I love it!musicbox931/16/2013 8:22PM

Yet u were disappointed? angelheartschanel20091/16/2013 11:44PM

I thought I added the rest of the message, but yes because revlon makes the same exact shade for++musicbox931/16/2013 11:57PM

NARS Rue Bonaparte Eye Liner.....doesnt look natural on me at allRobyn081/16/2013 7:34PM

TheBalm Nude Tude- absolutely love, even over both Nakedscleogirl1/16/2013 4:13PM

I can't say I've had bad luck with anything when I've splurged...=Smeta181/17/2013 4:31AM

Guerlain Meteorites Pearls in Dore. I keep trying to find the best way to use them, but they++dragonflygirl71/16/2013 3:55PM

Couture Color hair dyemagigi24161/16/2013 1:00PM

YSL Rouge Volupte #1. LOVE IT, especially with Turkish Delight l/g on top.Hanouna1/16/2013 12:27PM

Nars Sheer Glow... though now that my face is less flaky I may try it again!nocturnefata1/16/2013 7:07AM

NARS powder foundation..... Dryingand zero coverage (yet chalky)irimoto1/16/2013 4:00AM

used a gift card last year to get Lancome Hypnose wp mascara. had tried/loved original. WP = fail;(chayaNY1/16/2013 3:13AM

Guerlain Les Bois de Rose:(. Still trying to make it work...heatherlouwho1/15/2013 11:33PM

The first UD Naked palette. I like Sin a lot. Virgin. Naked. I don't use the gray or black at all. brio8151/15/2013 8:19PM

Benefit 'They're Real' mascara. Not that I thought it bad, but NOT worth the price-tag!marmaladecat1/15/2013 3:28PM

2ndMyNameIsHoney1/15/2013 7:12PM

Bought 6 L'Oreal Caresse stain glosses. Dupes for YSL. ++sunnyonne11/15/2013 11:22AM

Kat Von D Star Kissed Lipstick Set: the shades that aren't repeats are "meh".MalibuMands1/15/2013 6:08AM

Shu mascaratracygray1/15/2013 3:49AM

John Masters Shine Onmakeupdee1/15/2013 2:17AM

EL DWshazzer19761/15/2013 1:21AM

2nd20101/15/2013 9:24PM

Avene Eluage Eye Contour Cream. Awful product - not moisturizing.abrad19671/15/2013 1:17AM

MAC duo sponge, why did I spend ten dollars on a sponge. ohcaitlin1/14/2013 7:28PM

mac studio sculpt ,is craptatissima1/14/2013 4:28PM

MUFE aqua eye cream in 04, too difficult to apply + not so great resultsebijou1/14/2013 1:49PM

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Tan. It's too gray on me. I hoped it++kirat1/14/2013 10:21AM

naked2 palette. I find that the shades don't suit me at all.Emma931/14/2013 8:20AM

UD Book of Shadows. I hate every single product in it.mylegfeelsfunny1/14/2013 7:36AM

UD vice palette. I normally adore their palettes, but this was a chunky, scratchy, patchy, mess!mellieheart1/14/2013 4:11AM

Hourglass lip stain. It "turned" and started to smell like vinegar ++lotusgrrl1/14/2013 3:40AM

Smashbox lip stains. :( so drying, not long wearing <\3saarahkb41/14/2013 2:54AM

Chanel Notorious tiffannnny1/12/2013 7:06PM

philosophy skin care. broke me out and the eye cream stings like a *****martiantraveler1/12/2013 6:46PM

Probably KA Candlelight. I like it but I'm not sure I love it.spookydeuce1/12/2013 6:23PM

Similar experience. I made myself love it for like a second, but it was forced, not meant to beflawedangel1/12/2013 6:39PM

I lemmed it for so long that when I finally got it, I was just underwhelmed.spookydeuce1/12/2013 6:48PM

Have you tried Too Faced Candlelight Glow? Might want to try it if you're not happy w/Candlelight.Ashley19581/12/2013 6:30PM

No, and I think that is moving up on my purchase list!flawedangel1/12/2013 7:11PM

No, I haven't.spookydeuce1/12/2013 6:48PM

After trying soooo many h/l's, I found TF Candlelight Glow & never looked back. It's wonderful, imo.Ashley19581/12/2013 6:52PM

Lancome Teint Miracle destroyed my skin think it was from the alcohol in ittuts3111/12/2013 6:18PM

2nd; didn't destroy my skin but oxidised orange and finish was too flat for memerlina181/15/2013 7:59AM

3rd. I did like the finish of this, but my skin rebelled!dragonflygirl71/16/2013 3:48PM

YIKESartemistzitzikilakis1/12/2013 7:46PM

UD Darkhorse, it looks awful on me!!gina123451/12/2013 6:18PM

what color is it?lolfrymfer1/12/2013 6:28PM

awww....Its one of my HG UD e/srmulieri1/12/2013 6:25PM