First OOTD EVER (please be kind) along with the NOTD it inspired (pic heavy, xposted on NB) ++

Dress: NY and Co
Belt and Earrings: H&M
Tights: Kate Spade (Nordstrom)
Flats: Born (Nordstrom)

From the front

From the back so you can see the backseam on the tights

Close up of the earrings

And finally the NOTD, China Glaze Frostbite with OPI Pirouette My Whistle

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expand whole threadFirst OOTD EVER (please be kind) along with the NOTD it inspired (pic heavy, xposted on NB) ++ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 9:35PM

super cute!!!!evvyness1/10/2013 11:24PM

I LOVE the tights. I want them for myself. :Dkirat1/10/2013 4:28PM

Love the dress and you have an awesome figure, but I'm not loving the accessories tbh++enamacheylove1/10/2013 4:15PM

Very colorful! Love the look and the accessories! Everything goes together perfectly :)dakota20101/10/2013 4:14PM

Hot! Your figure is envious! beautyisbliss1/10/2013 10:13AM

2nd!!!! Great job!lauraP3331/10/2013 5:17PM

Fun! I think that dress would look wonderful with a black belt, tights & shoes. And maybe a grey- r/Bubbly1/9/2013 9:16AM

the dress is doing your cute figure a disservice. pecker1/9/2013 7:40AM

So cute! Love, love the nails and the dress is really cute on you!nbxcarib1/9/2013 5:26AM

You remind me of a fun elementary school teacher. WellWorthIt1/9/2013 4:56AM

red is a nice color on you. how cute would this be w/ simple heeled cognac tall boots, no belt+ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 11:28PM

This is one of my favorites I have styled it both simple and wild.ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 11:30PM

Cute dress but its way way too matchy. rahnstaaap1/8/2013 11:10PM

I would normally agree but I like it with this outfit. ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 11:28PM

I agree. I would only do 1 pop of color. The belt, jewelry and tights is too much IMOfrankiesaysrelax1/8/2013 11:16PM

This is why I was hesitant to post it. I know it's OTT. That's how I like it. :)ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 11:27PM

If you like it then that is all that matters. You are rockin that dress regardless of accessories :Dfrankiesaysrelax1/8/2013 11:36PM

to each their own, i just think it would look much better not so matchyrahnstaaap1/8/2013 11:35PM

this. and the flats really shorten your legs. the color change is too abrupt. your nails are OHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 11:24PM

I can't wear heels I'm on my feet for 8 hours. I know the shoes aren't the best but they are the ++ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 11:29PM

totally understand that, there are days where i wish i could wear heels but can't :\ OHEMEFFGEE1/9/2013 12:14AM

love it!!greytpunkgirl1/8/2013 10:36PM

love that dress on youCrazeeCat1/8/2013 10:18PM

Love the dress and the NP - not a fan of the shoesbrothernumpsay1/8/2013 10:04PM

2nd. The shoes don't fit the bright, cheery aesthetic.xaoey051/8/2013 10:09PM

I agree but I have to work with what I have. ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 11:09PM

Super cute dress. Great shape!OneufaKnd1/8/2013 10:02PM

Super cute, i think another color belt would look kinda cool.inkyblaine1/8/2013 10:00PM

What color were you thinking?ShopaholicsAnonymous1/8/2013 11:09PM

Try pewter or a brushed silvery won't be as sudden of a color >lauraP3331/10/2013 5:22PM

2nd this. A little too matchy-matchy.jhodi1/8/2013 10:52PM

Nice nail polish!PinkCarnations1/8/2013 9:50PM

Love those tights! Very cute jennate1/8/2013 9:38PM