Can I get your opinion on which pants are better? r/o

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expand whole threadCan I get your opinion on which pants are better? r/otheman1/8/2013 1:48PM

Which pair looks bettersharg1/10/2013 9:16PM

neitherrayoflight1211/10/2013 5:53PM

Neither is flattering. 2's pattern hides the bad fit more though Ashley925041/10/2013 5:14PM

1 or none 2 makes a slightly bad cut totally unflattering nocturnefata1/10/2013 4:29PM

IMHO, you look like you have a great body but neither pair of pants is doing you any favors. SweetTeaAndKerouac1/10/2013 2:35PM

I love the first pair.geraniumkiss1/10/2013 11:43AM

2MUrascal1/10/2013 6:39AM

2maxxine1/9/2013 11:12PM

if i had to choose, it'd be 2 (for the print, not the fit), but i don't like the tuxedo strip tbh. bambooflower1/9/2013 4:49PM

You have too much of a nice body and should wear something more fittedluvmaycup1/9/2013 10:27AM

Are they trousers or athletic pants? They are confusing.oscarnabby1/9/2013 7:42AM

My thoughts exactly. Trousers or athletic pants? IMO, they are both rather ugly.em651/9/2013 6:55PM

Agree, don't care for them at all...kristin391/10/2013 6:52AM

i like 2 bestsummerdays861/9/2013 3:35AM

both don't flatter youfresha1/8/2013 5:36PM

2ndjskellis1/9/2013 10:33AM

3rdmylegfeelsfunny1/9/2013 11:41PM

2pinkstarz1/8/2013 3:29PM

I don't think either is very flattering, the tapered leg isn't goodrahnstaaap1/8/2013 3:04PM

i prefer #1 since i don't like the pattern on #2takenu1/8/2013 3:04PM

I don't like either but if you are def getting a pair I would go with 1brothernumpsay1/8/2013 2:56PM

1 for suregingerkitten1/8/2013 2:46PM

1coldplaying11/8/2013 2:33PM

I prefer 2linjam1/8/2013 2:24PM

I like 2 better TylerlovesMaxwell1/8/2013 2:15PM

i'm not crazy about either, tbh, but more bc of the fit than the print.ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 1:58PM

I do not like how #1 fits, though that is the pattern I preferAngelicMaris1/8/2013 1:57PM

2ndapriloneil11/8/2013 2:04PM

1gizmorules1/8/2013 1:50PM

I think I prefer 1 - the stripe down the side competes with the pattern on the 2nd pair. +gconn1/8/2013 1:49PM

1, definitely. Do they fit well irl?OHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 1:49PM

1 is slightly tight in the waist, but just right in the butt; 2 is just right in the waist, but r/otheman1/8/2013 1:56PM

Might just be imo, but they don't look like they fit quite right :xOHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 1:58PM

I agree - neither fits perfectly. Sigh.theman1/8/2013 2:00PM