"The 'Kim Effect' is more powerful than the 'Kate Effect' admits Roland Mouret" - interesting read +


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expand whole thread"The 'Kim Effect' is more powerful than the 'Kate Effect' admits Roland Mouret" - interesting read +gizmorules1/8/2013 1:14PM

I kind of agree, if I'm honest (and if others were too) I'd rather be sexy than regal +MUrascal1/10/2013 3:50AM

THIS is so true, my mom always used to tell me that +roxyj1/10/2013 7:48AM

I prefer class over a trashy flabby ass. YMMV.jen251/8/2013 7:05PM

My thoughts exactly.divinei1/9/2013 5:29PM

I think it is nothing more than the fact that Kim is the media exponentially more than Kate. ladi1/8/2013 4:40PM

I think it's because Kim does Bodycon better than Kate. Kate's style r/opnbxcarib1/8/2013 3:53PM

Kim and Kate don't belong in the same sentence. Kate is the definition +makeupjunkie4521/9/2013 9:15PM

oh this is a great way to put itOHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 4:49PM

two totally different styled ladies but, if I were him, i'd have not admitted that lol >fiddleleaf1/8/2013 2:08PM

i'm sure he's making enough $ that it wouldn't really hurt him to say something like that, lolOHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 2:09PM

so basically ++ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 1:24PM

Yes, because crap is always more popular, see anything in mass culture. Lowest common denominator. +greeneyesies1/9/2013 5:52PM

yep b/c KK is better looking from an evolutionary / reproductive point decemberbaby1/8/2013 2:14PM

Exactly, hate her persona all you want but she's hotter than Kate in a raw +MUrascal1/10/2013 3:46AM

theres a lot of men that want kate as well. they are both sexually attractive i think. skinobsessed11/10/2013 2:45AM

Wonder how kimye will lookraregem1/8/2013 3:12PM

hopefully it resembles kim. she's may be tacky, but her face is pretty. kanye...well. poor guy.ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 3:53PM

My eyes, my eyes! suzq251/8/2013 1:52PM

Not a fan of either of their style. Bet the pops aren't all up in Kate's rear like that either tho.crista1/8/2013 1:41PM

:O You don't like KM's style? May I ask why?OHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 1:46PM

I don't hate it...it just doesnt suit me. Kinda meh imo. She is quite beautiful.crista1/8/2013 1:51PM

Same here. Love her; love her style, but not for mealguerin1/8/2013 2:21PM

ITAjenniferla321/8/2013 1:58PM

fair enough :)OHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 1:53PM

that's bc km doesn't fame-wh*re herself out for it.ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 1:42PM

this - and that's what roland said too, she asks for dresses to be loosened gizmorules1/8/2013 1:51PM

haha was just thinking thatOHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 1:52PM

true.crista1/8/2013 1:44PM

....That's a bummer.gconn1/8/2013 1:32PM

hee hee!!!!!ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 1:43PM

haha!gingerkitten1/8/2013 1:35PM

*snort*urbanhibiscus1/8/2013 1:35PM

lmaoooooooo!gizmorules1/8/2013 1:35PM

Oof :(maciswack1/8/2013 1:31PM

My thought exactly. WTH.alchemy1/8/2013 1:35PM

i weep for humanity.ButterflyEffect1/8/2013 1:43PM

I do too but that is just one of many reasons why suzq251/8/2013 1:50PM

LOLOLOL - ikr?gizmorules1/8/2013 1:31PM

s'truth :|OHEMEFFGEE1/8/2013 1:30PM