AHHHHH!!! Nuuuuuudes hate me!!!! +tantrum/rant +pic

I kinda wanna throw things right now. I've gotta keep it "simple and conservative" for work...whatever THAT means...so I've been trying various nude shades. NONE WORK! It's not their fault, it's my circulation. My fingers aren't one constant weird shade even. They go from red to gray-purple to yellow to gray-yellow, so nudes just look various kinds of wrong. I manged to find some options I didn't hate, but they're all layered and I don't always have the time.

So last night I put on a random sheer, sparkly nude from a Color Workshop set I bought for the bottles (for frankens) and....IT WORKED. I showed my SO and he said "Wow, yeah. It almost looks normal." I was happy with how it looked and today I go to take a photo to see if you girls can help me find something like it from an 'actual brand'....but my fingers have gone and changed again and now it looks odd! NO!!!! It looks like nicotine stains with a pink and gold shimmer. :(



....I wanna wear something "normal" and flattering like...ChG Man Hunt, dammit!!!

*wanders off to bang head against wall*

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