AHHHHH!!! Nuuuuuudes hate me!!!! +tantrum/rant +pic

I kinda wanna throw things right now. I've gotta keep it "simple and conservative" for work...whatever THAT means...so I've been trying various nude shades. NONE WORK! It's not their fault, it's my circulation. My fingers aren't one constant weird shade even. They go from red to gray-purple to yellow to gray-yellow, so nudes just look various kinds of wrong. I manged to find some options I didn't hate, but they're all layered and I don't always have the time.

So last night I put on a random sheer, sparkly nude from a Color Workshop set I bought for the bottles (for frankens) and....IT WORKED. I showed my SO and he said "Wow, yeah. It almost looks normal." I was happy with how it looked and today I go to take a photo to see if you girls can help me find something like it from an 'actual brand'....but my fingers have gone and changed again and now it looks odd! NO!!!! It looks like nicotine stains with a pink and gold shimmer. :(



....I wanna wear something "normal" and flattering like...ChG Man Hunt, dammit!!!

*wanders off to bang head against wall*

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expand whole threadAHHHHH!!! Nuuuuuudes hate me!!!! +tantrum/rant +picblitherypoop1/7/2013 3:55PM

Have you tried Essie Jazz? I had a hard time with nudes too but that one works for me.amhammond20031/9/2013 6:12PM

i have poor circulation so my hands are always red/purple, it's very limiting :(jskellis1/9/2013 10:44AM

I feel you. Nude just hate me. They make my fingers look like zombies. Only Nails Inc Basil Street +frckls1/9/2013 2:44AM

I can't do the skin tone nudes - use the sheer whites/pinks insteadmicbass011/8/2013 10:50PM

Try OPI PassionCathyEarnshaw21/8/2013 10:38AM

What about earth tones? Light greys?KissandMakeup121/7/2013 6:01PM

This. Zoya did a great neutrals collex last year, too. I think all would be work appropriate jenniferroyea1/8/2013 3:40PM

Like Pandora? That might work.Martha6101/8/2013 11:40PM

That's a very orange nude. Try a more pinky nudhbwf871/7/2013 5:07PM

I don't like pink much. :\ Kills a lot of my options, I know.blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:39PM

not for anything, but I totally learned to like pink in 2012 and I used to hate it edie47111/7/2013 5:43PM

As Deanna2 was suggesting, OPI TMF and PVO could fit with "simple and conservative". Simple might ++polishDragon1/7/2013 4:58PM

Frustrating for sure. I don't know if you're ever in a position to ++polishDragon1/7/2013 9:54PM

Yeah, it's kinda maddening that it's so vague. It's such a judgement call +blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:37PM

I think you can do a lot w/ "simple & conservative" besides nudes...++kta821/7/2013 4:58PM

I've only talked to my shift supervisors about it. It's not their call, but they're the ones I see.+blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:33PM

+++kta821/7/2013 7:48PM

I swear, nudes are like NB601, it's not for the faint of heart. Lots of trial and error.SanDiegoAli1/7/2013 4:55PM

lol I agree. I'd given up completely before all of this work stuff.blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:27PM

Gah...I'm SOOO glad I don't have to worry about that BS!mec12231/7/2013 4:24PM

I miss those days! Four years of it not being an issue makes it that much worse.blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:27PM

Have you looked into the Zoya Touch collex? I find it intriguing because they offer different +Deanna21/7/2013 4:23PM

I won't wear pink and Minka looks a bit like Cho, which doesn't work on me. +blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:26PM

Have you tried Illa Monogamous? I feel it's a flattering nude. Also, what about +++AndryaAndroid1/7/2013 4:20PM

I've been doing sandwiches and layering w WnW 2% Milk. I have the Jesse's Girl and ChG. Need to tryblitherypoop1/7/2013 5:22PM

I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. :( Have you tried Essie Tennis Corset? Revlon +edie47111/7/2013 4:18PM

PMing you in a moment :)blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:21PM

I am convinced some of these colors turn more yellow as they cure! ++supko1/7/2013 4:16PM

I've worked there for four years and it wasn't an issue until an inspector made it an issue. +blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:19PM

PBI: If you don't mind me asking, what happened with the inspector?MissMandy811/7/2013 6:14PM

He didn't actually see me wearing polish, but I had my nail stuff out +blitherypoop1/7/2013 6:57PM

Ah, I see, thought it was a new place. That is annoyingly inconsistent policy! :/supko1/7/2013 5:46PM

I agree with you about the yellowing w/ certain nudes.kta821/7/2013 4:47PM

That might be it...I'm also wondering if it's the lighting. It's dark out now and +blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:20PM

Could def be the lighting. You might just need a nude that works better w your undertones.kta821/7/2013 7:50PM

Have you tried stuff that leans more on the taupe side of nude? That's still quite conservative.inkadinka1/7/2013 4:13PM

Agree! There is ChG Swing Baby (core), and SH Xtreme Wear Time to Shine, both ETF and cheapedie47111/7/2013 4:23PM

I love the look of those, but they might be too shimmery. I wish there were specifics. :\blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:16PM

FingerPaints Haute Taupe?edie47111/7/2013 5:21PM

The more I think about it, the more I think I need to just talk to my site supervisor...another MAN.blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:38PM

I think this is your best option--get it ironed out with site supervisoredie47111/7/2013 5:44PM

I feel for your pain. I can't do nudes either (or nude lipstick come to think of it).vball911/7/2013 4:02PM

I think I need to find a sheer gold like I used to wear...no luck so far.blitherypoop1/7/2013 4:10PM

I'm note really sure what 'simple & conservative' means for your work, but could you wear Zoya Dove?tawnyinthepink031/7/2013 4:01PM

not a nude...but a super light gray...that I consider 'simple & conservative'tawnyinthepink031/7/2013 4:02PM

I don't even know what's acceptable and what isn't. :\ Security is a very male field, so +blitherypoop1/7/2013 4:08PM

Ugh, that sucks. Just sounds very lame all around the board :(diffraction1/7/2013 4:37PM

It made me grumpy for days...I'm still grumpy. lolblitherypoop1/7/2013 5:14PM

Look up Nails Inc Porchester Square ..Its one of thoseheyfattybumbum1/7/2013 4:20PM

I feel like I have *something* like that maybe. I need to do swatch sticks of my nudes so I know +blitherypoop1/7/2013 5:12PM

I'm sorry you have to deal with that awful policy! I don't wear nudes, they weird me out TBH *hides*seevan1/7/2013 3:58PM

I'd rather wear light, dusty pastelsseevan1/7/2013 4:06PM

Oh man...pastels are even worse on me. lol And I don't know if they'd pass inspection.blitherypoop1/7/2013 4:09PM

Bright pastels don't work on me, but the dustier ones, like the Zoya Feel or ChG Sea Spray, seem toseevan1/7/2013 4:14PM

Those don't work so well on me +picsblitherypoop1/7/2013 5:13PM