oily gals - what moisturizer do you use under you makeup during the day? thx!


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expand whole threadoily gals - what moisturizer do you use under you makeup during the day? thx!bluegreyeyes1/6/2013 5:01PM

St. Ives Timeless Skin with Collagen Elastin. It's so awesome. HappiFayce2/11/2013 10:40PM

nonefinn471/9/2013 1:31PM

only an oil when I need it, something light like grapeseedjskellis1/9/2013 10:36AM

Eucerin Q10 Active spf15catdeluxe1/9/2013 6:12AM

Olay complete sensitive SPF 30jacqc1/9/2013 4:27AM

Olay active hydrating cream. Sinks into skin fast but skin feels moisturizer w/out being too greasy.aznmnkygrl8081/9/2013 3:54AM

Bare Minerals Purifying Moisturizer for Combo skin.MYCATSHADOW1/9/2013 2:09AM

Vanishing Cream from Lushmizzmkay1/8/2013 8:47PM

2nd !!Nadinelala1/8/2013 11:18PM

an oil, like argain, camellia, or watermelon seed oilndnchick031/8/2013 1:18PM

Philosophy Hope in a Jar, Oil Freenharbison1/8/2013 10:36AM

NothingMariaNhieu1/8/2013 9:26AM

Kate Sommerville Oil-Free Moisturizerdb011/8/2013 8:01AM

I don't. I just don't wash my face in the morning. My skin is clearer than it's been in years.lisamims11/8/2013 12:31AM

Robyn081/8/2013 2:49PM

None, unless I absolutely need it, then spot treatment only. ++Herbst31/7/2013 11:22PM

olay complete for sensitive skin. (with spf)brio8151/7/2013 10:47PM

This. It makes a great primer tooblueoceangirl1/8/2013 12:11PM

DDF ultra lite oil free moisturizing dewkathk1/7/2013 10:01PM

kathk1/7/2013 9:58PM

Algenist AllisonWonderland1/7/2013 9:21PM

clinique DDMGmissmanic1/7/2013 9:17PM

Olay complete for sensitive skinlilbeautei1/7/2013 7:55PM

Ponds. It doesn't clog pores or leave skin feeling greasy.missraffix31/7/2013 7:23PM

LRP effaclar Mattevspinheiro1/7/2013 1:14PM

Murad oil control mattifierJewelx171/7/2013 12:43PM

Vitamin C Serum and a primervolshorn081/7/2013 12:21PM

Nada....ropsuzetteb1/7/2013 9:47AM

None. I rotate several diff acne txs and ss under my mu. Currently experimenting+4eyes1/7/2013 9:28AM

Only serum (also hydrator) and ss.frckls1/7/2013 4:20AM

Usually just my ss, but if I need something more, Clinique DDMG.meggan8081/7/2013 2:47AM

none. I just moisturize at night if needed. sneezydiva31/6/2013 8:49PM

I don't use one.envinia1/6/2013 8:44PM

you may not "need" a daytime moisturizerAmyFarrahFowler1/6/2013 8:43PM

complex 15brandylee1/6/2013 6:38PM

2nd!dahliakatz1/7/2013 12:44PM

3rd!robbika1/8/2013 2:21PM

Face Reality Hydrating Emulsion.plagueofhamsters1/6/2013 6:27PM

2ndslim341/6/2013 9:59PM

You might like a silicone-based ss like L'oreal Sublime Face 50sniffer1/6/2013 5:46PM

I love the Neutrogena Healthy Defense 50spf with purescreen, BUT ropballetgirl2/11/2013 9:30PM