I've been doing laser hair treatment on my bikini area...just had 3rd treatment. Not sure if I ++

should go completely "bald" or leave a landing strip/triangle. I know this comes down to personal choice, but I just can't make up my mind. I am curious to know what you guys would do, or have done.

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expand whole threadI've been doing laser hair treatment on my bikini area...just had 3rd treatment. Not sure if I ++livefree1/5/2013 10:09AM

Hi I have no advise but is it painful? How much?asianbarbiee911/9/2013 2:34AM

I had it done there. Pain was strange. It was the worst most intense pain EVER during. However, it paigealyce1/10/2013 12:21AM

imo, go for something natural. Hair anywhere is based on fashion and that changes over time.fresha1/8/2013 5:40PM

triangle.... It will balance wide hips when older.. no hair will look bad when older++tracygray1/7/2013 4:34PM

Triangle. I did laser with triangle and I am very happy....sue7111/6/2013 7:29PM

Yes, I agree that a triangle looks more natural. I've already done 3 treatments..do you think++livefree1/6/2013 10:10PM

not too late. i did 2 full Brazilian txs, the rest trianglegaudiora1/6/2013 11:06PM

Thanks everyone! I think I will leave some hair down there. Now I just have to decide if+++livefree1/5/2013 11:16PM

I had brazilian laser 6 yrs ago & I regret not leaving more. I did leave an r/ogeorgiasweety1/5/2013 8:34PM

tria did not work at all for me. real laser hair removal has given great results though! adriana_c1/8/2013 11:08PM

Off topic, but how is the pain down there during laser treatment?delta_h521/5/2013 6:06PM

imo on par with pain of waxing down there. if u csn stand that you'll be okadriana_c1/8/2013 11:16PM

its painful but not that badgaudiora1/6/2013 11:06PM

I am doing bikini...and the pain is not so bad. Some areas are more sensitive, tho.livefree1/5/2013 11:17PM

pbi, hurts like a. %$#@, (jmo) that's for the braz, not for the plain bikini.mtvsux1/5/2013 8:27PM

2nd. it's very painful. 4% lidocaine helps bt it still hurtsSheBlindedMeWithScience1/6/2013 11:04AM

Thanks ladies.I really want to get this done but concerned about pain, I have a low pain tolerancedelta_h521/7/2013 12:49PM

if you ever leave some when you shave/wax, then leave some with laser....mtvsux1/5/2013 5:14PM

Personal choice-but there's a visual balance thing-no hair can be less flattering to the hips, etc.zingss1/5/2013 3:28PM

interesting pointMUrascal1/6/2013 3:18PM

I am also considering it (sick of waxing) and I will probably just take everything off. r/oTanya4821/5/2013 12:33PM

i would do landing strip, bc you can always remove it butgaudiora1/5/2013 11:47AM

2ndAmyFarrahFowler1/5/2013 6:13PM

totally a personal decision. The hair "down there" does go grey r/oa_perfect_circle1/5/2013 10:28AM