Can I get recs for a moisturizer for super acne prone skin?? I swear EVERYTHING breaks me out...++

Even FRHE....

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expand whole threadCan I get recs for a moisturizer for super acne prone skin?? I swear EVERYTHING breaks me out...++lalalulabelle1/4/2013 10:16PM

PBI, If you're open to Rx, take a look at Klaron +++m3filley1/8/2013 11:35PM

EL Daywear oil-free lotion and cream have never caused a problem even though I break out easilylemonfresh1/8/2013 4:39PM

tbh for me i just use a non oily ss, since i found out using moisturizers gets me oilier and thus ++tsh821/8/2013 1:23PM

I have the worst skin ever..khristenn1/8/2013 10:21AM

Thanks so much...your skin sounds JUST like mine.lalalulabelle1/8/2013 10:37AM

I had the same problem, try clinique moisture surge.kittykattykoo1/8/2013 3:26AM

Don't moisturize. Only wash once a day. If you're super-oily, that may be enough.lisamims11/7/2013 7:40PM

Same, If I need to add moisture I do manuka honey masks or massage few drops of jojoba oil into skinBCoffin1/8/2013 11:15AM

agreed. my skin did a 100% turnaround when I stopped trying moisturizers.Herbst31/7/2013 11:03PM

i find the olay acne treatment lotion moisturizing, and helps clear my skin too!GirlyGoalie191/7/2013 4:28PM

My skin just like you and I use CliniqUe ddmgputu1/7/2013 11:53AM

Thanks everyone!! Gonna try Clinique DDMG....fingers crossed!Lalalulabelle1/7/2013 10:30AM

sorry, but DDMG breaks me out!lilacmess1/7/2013 3:38PM

same heregoomavs1/7/2013 5:02PM

Crap.Lalalulabelle1/7/2013 3:45PM

Derma E Hydrating Serum With Hyaluronic Acid. It is super light, but definitely hydrating. makeupandmintchocolate1/7/2013 9:57AM

Yes To CarrotsRainyWeather1/7/2013 12:57AM

if everything breaks u out, try switching to a cleansing oil (like boscia or shu uemura )pandabear51/6/2013 11:33PM

then most oisturizers probably won't break u out.pandabear51/6/2013 11:36PM

not truelilacshine91/7/2013 8:01AM

...and that is my suggestion.pandabear51/7/2013 5:41PM

lard.Nitromusk1/6/2013 10:32PM

Aloe vera gel or Clinique dramatically different gelMellieb1/6/2013 10:12PM

Try NAPCA spraymorganna7771/6/2013 9:13PM

i think they recently added seaweed to this :( orthoRN1/8/2013 11:29AM

nuetragena oil-free for sensitive skin or moistuizer orea_eleni1/6/2013 6:36PM

emilybemilyy1/6/2013 5:19PM

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion doesn't break me out. I love it!nicjo1/6/2013 3:27PM

That breaks me out worse than anything cause of r/olilacshine91/7/2013 8:03AM

4thNitromusk1/6/2013 10:32PM

3rdpetitechic191/6/2013 8:54PM

2nd. Or try the Gel version.sicksexfix1/6/2013 6:11PM

Do you have dry skin? CdlM is a miracle worker for me but very $$$enamacheylove1/6/2013 3:07PM

2nd. CdlMNitromusk1/6/2013 10:33PM

Same prob here, tried them all. Loving Eminence Pink Grapefruit C Or Stone Crop Gels! :)xoxosincity1/6/2013 1:34PM

I've had some great results with Eminence as wellpandabear51/7/2013 5:53PM

solvere, light but moisturizing. korres yogurt cream is great for acne-prone and dehydrated skin--+hellomynameis1/6/2013 11:00AM

this!femmegirl1/7/2013 11:21AM

Face Reality Cranberry Cream, you have to order it from their website but I swear by their productsfancylady1031/6/2013 10:01AM

Cerave daily moisturizing lotion works great!!nikkimorse1/6/2013 9:44AM

Olay makes a mois for acne prone skin!poetsdream71/6/2013 8:06AM

Olay makes a mois for acne prone skin!poetsdream71/6/2013 8:05AM

I really like Complex 15! But it might not provide enough moistureinfestdkerrigan 1/6/2013 5:23AM

krissyb19791/6/2013 4:27AM

bananascented1/6/2013 4:26AM

I have super acne prone skin too and I love Paula's Choice Moisture Gel romonicaking771/5/2013 8:33PM

Clinique redness cream in green for me primarily cause++sherlanf1/5/2013 3:58PM

emu oilAnastasiaBeaverhausen091/5/2013 1:25PM

cetephil in the tub or jojoba oilfloridaisa1/5/2013 11:11AM

The Proactiv Green Tea Moisturizer. lindo51/5/2013 8:09AM

You could try an oil; less ingredients = less potential for breakouts.meggan8081/5/2013 3:04AM

the body shop has a tea tree lotion .. works for methejessob1/5/2013 12:18AM

DML Lotion by Person and Covey. You can request samples from their website.junomacguff1/4/2013 11:30PM


I am super acne prone and having really good luck with DML Fortecoffeeandcream1/4/2013 10:35PM

myash71/4/2013 10:25PM

Maybe a hydrosol gel instead of a moisturizer? GoW do some ++lilkitty1/5/2013 7:14AM

Doh! Sorry, that was for OP :-)lilkitty1/5/2013 7:14AM

Check out jetfan's notepad and joshuaP's notepadlemonz4us1/4/2013 10:18PM