my scalp is so irritated and dry has anyone used facial cleansers instead of shampoo


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expand whole threadmy scalp is so irritated and dry has anyone used facial cleansers instead of shampoowhiteboi1/3/2013 2:57PM

I have SD& the Clear brand shampoo has made my scalp behave. Also, I like this cleansing cream from+scarlett07221/9/2013 11:14PM

Yes and to excellent resultsIndustryKoda1/9/2013 7:54PM

Aveda men's pureformance exfoliating shampoo. 92bkd1/9/2013 10:25AM

Grandpa's Pine Tar shampoo might help- or LUSH's snake oil bar (they have solid shampoos ROPespiegle1/9/2013 9:54AM

absolutely agree.i was working fir lush,snake is the besttatissima1/9/2013 2:44PM

oil on scalp is a good idea, try a shampoo without SLSmorganna7771/9/2013 9:35AM

I am using the Clear Therapy anti dandruff shampoo and I love it. Itch and flake free. ++BRIO8151/4/2013 11:58PM

I had to see the derm last year and she prescribed Nizoral for me. I have SD and I've had to ++ilovegloss1/4/2013 7:39PM

i used it and it worked but then it started burning my scalp:(whiteboi1/9/2013 2:27AM

oil your hair/scalp for 30 minutes before shampooo. Really helps. Also try using baby shampohillarylovesmakeup1/4/2013 7:23PM

this!kiune1/4/2013 11:17PM

ive tried them all throught out a year im try warm oil massages but which oilwhiteboi1/3/2013 7:50PM

coconut because it has anti-fungal propertiesMUrascal1/4/2013 6:38PM

2nd. Coconu oil helps me loads. shysmiles1/9/2013 10:24AM

I changed to "Clear" the shea butter version in the gold package. I used to use Head and Shoulders+makeupsmad1/3/2013 6:12PM

is it flaking? Might be SD too. Neut. T-something is greatjetfan1/3/2013 3:40PM

T- Sal is awesome for itchy scalp.junomacguff1/3/2013 7:53PM

dats it:)jetfan1/4/2013 6:28PM

Agreed. CET131/9/2013 6:41PM

what shampoo are you using?FlameDancer1/3/2013 3:04PM

no...but have you tried a warm oil massage? Sounds like your scalp needs more moisture +Ginee1/3/2013 3:01PM

ive tried so many some work for a while then they stop it all started whenwhiteboi1/3/2013 5:23PM

rene furterer astara oil really calms my itchy scalp n smells greatkiune1/4/2013 11:19PM

i've flaky, dry patches along w/oily scalp and love furterer's astara oil. not cheap though.gna1/5/2013 2:08AM

trust me - get Yes to Carrots hair & scalp mud. It instantly comforts the scalp.mistresskt1/4/2013 10:14PM

have you tried neutrogena t/sal?lexilyn1/3/2013 5:35PM