What would you call this colour? (greener than teal) ++

(the dress, not the dame)


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expand whole threadWhat would you call this colour? (greener than teal) ++madeupstories1/3/2013 1:19PM

Teal, to my mind is on those lines but a fair bit deeper. I'd call that peacock or dark turquoisebernie1/12/2013 7:28AM

Spruce4patti1/12/2013 12:23AM

tealtatissima1/11/2013 6:39PM

Peacockgreenfaerie381/11/2013 4:08PM

Peacock or sea greenmakeupdee1/11/2013 11:58AM

blue teal...Like a peacock.GuysCallMeShawna1/9/2013 7:30PM

Dark teal.maxxine1/9/2013 4:28PM

Definitely more 'jewel toned' than teal, a shade of emerald greenfasab881/9/2013 2:48PM

emerald, which according to pantone is the next new color of the yearhillarylovesmakeup1/9/2013 2:18PM

looks like tealfloridaisa1/9/2013 10:31AM

tealadesto1/9/2013 9:06AM

Emerald turquoise.Martha6101/8/2013 11:32PM

girl that is tealjujubeeb1/8/2013 4:28PM

billiards table greensyntheticaesthetics1/3/2013 3:03PM

petrol greenbergamott1/3/2013 2:12PM

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Romola!raissanina1/3/2013 1:32PM

I iz unashamed fangirl <3madeupstories1/3/2013 1:37PM

Me too! You've seen Emma, yes?raissanina1/3/2013 1:43PM

see below; I've seen errythang! lol horribly miscast Knightley in that one tho!madeupstories1/3/2013 1:44PM

You no like Sickboy??raissanina1/3/2013 1:46PM

I haven't seen that yet!raissanina1/3/2013 1:52PM

oh I loff him! But not as stickinthemud Knightley. He made a nice Edmund Bertram.madeupstories1/3/2013 1:48PM

Ditto, but I refuse to watch Dirty Dancing 2 :PRadicalEdwardLemon1/3/2013 1:39PM

lol lord that was a pile of shoitemadeupstories1/3/2013 1:41PM

^which evidently I still sat through, SUCH IS MY DEVOTIONmadeupstories1/3/2013 1:42PM

@Ed LMFAO they are so deadpan and it is so terrible :Dmadeupstories1/3/2013 1:59PM

I have the DVD but can't bring myself to watch it (also my fave ET)madeupstories1/3/2013 1:51PM

=D you should hear the story of the script's origin+RadicalEdwardLemon1/3/2013 1:50PM

Have you seen Angel? It's my fave E. Taylor, wasn't sure how it turned out on screen. Shryh11/3/2013 1:50PM

jade greenapricotcloud1/3/2013 1:31PM

thisjaniemo1/9/2013 2:54PM

Agreederin5261/9/2013 3:40AM

Peacock or teal. LOVE this colour; one of my favourite colours together with emerald green.Lizzy281/3/2013 1:30PM

Rop for pic of Clinique e/s #Peacock>Lizzy281/3/2013 1:32PM

Have this...My favorite teal eyeshadow. I wear in summer with Lucky PennyGuysCallMeShawna1/9/2013 7:32PM

OMG I MUST HAVE ITsicksexfix1/9/2013 1:50PM

That's what I think of as teal.ClariceD1/3/2013 1:30PM

Jade-ish blue lkruty1/3/2013 1:28PM

aqua. there's too much green to be called peacock bluegizmorules1/3/2013 1:28PM

agreedAishteru851/9/2013 11:38AM

Not helpful, but I <3 The Hour. :)bastet1/3/2013 1:25PM

I'm staving off withdrawal symptoms by screencapping all of Bel's dresses madeupstories1/3/2013 1:26PM

:) Will there be another season?bastet1/3/2013 1:28PM

dunno yet, but I hope so! madeupstories1/3/2013 1:31PM

ALSO would we say the lady is a pale yellow skintone?madeupstories1/3/2013 1:24PM

no her arms look pink-toned to meMUrascal1/8/2013 4:52PM

From other pics I've seen of her, I'd say neutral to slightly warm, with++bastet1/3/2013 1:30PM

This. She looks like my skin twin; who is she?Lizzy281/3/2013 1:35PM

Romola Garai + I agreemadeupstories1/3/2013 1:36PM

Never heard of her... *off googling her*Lizzy281/3/2013 1:37PM

she looks like our own partymartyw imo :)madeupstories1/3/2013 1:42PM

Gorgeous girl! She looks like a mix of Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz.Lizzy281/3/2013 1:41PM

temp-wise I'd def peg her as neutral, but a yellow neutral, right?madeupstories1/3/2013 1:35PM

I *think* so. Might be a more complex mix of undertones... makeup is probably caked on too for TV.bastet1/3/2013 1:41PM

yeah, I love/hate that she's not a publicity hoor. So few candids, lolmadeupstories1/3/2013 1:43PM

Most definitely.gconn1/3/2013 1:25PM

yeah, neutral to warmkmbirkel1/3/2013 1:24PM

no olive, right?madeupstories1/3/2013 1:26PM

Nope!koushi1/3/2013 1:28PM

I would call it Peacockmelissap11/3/2013 1:23PM

Turquoise?whooobie1/3/2013 1:22PM

TBH I would call it teal =x or, going off of Wikipedia, maybe "myrtle green," lolkmbirkel1/3/2013 1:21PM

lol! not Hooker's Green? :Dmadeupstories1/3/2013 1:23PM

I eyed that one but decided it was TOO green! (on my screen, anyway!)kmbirkel1/3/2013 1:23PM

lol I googled teal and I think you're right actually. What I think of as 'teal' +madeupstories1/3/2013 1:27PM

Peacock?koushi1/3/2013 1:20PM

2nd. (Also, it's gorgeous)lomelindi1/3/2013 1:20PM

3rd, and what a gorgeous shade... Wish it would look nice on me :pjaguayanflawer1/3/2013 1:21PM

I'm not sure it would suit me either. Planning on trying it :Dmadeupstories1/3/2013 1:22PM

I think it would! Jewel tones suit a lot of people :)lomelindi1/3/2013 1:24PM

When I mix it with gray can work, yet, that works for darker greensjaguayanflawer1/3/2013 1:36PM

Can you layer or mix it with a brown? Like do green for part of the eye but another color in +lomelindi1/3/2013 1:34PM

I've done color test... Actually bright greens make my skin look more olive, towards green D:jaguayanflawer1/3/2013 1:32PM

Some types of green look god awful on me (yellow-greens especially 'cause +lomelindi1/3/2013 1:29PM

I know, but somehow greens don't look good on me, unless it's a very dark forest green+jaguayanflawer1/3/2013 1:28PM