How in the hell do you get mascara off your eye lid without messing up your eyeshadows?++

i usually use a q-tip and reply eyeshadow to that area. I have yet to figure out how to do this without removing any eyeshadow >.<

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expand whole threadHow in the hell do you get mascara off your eye lid without messing up your eyeshadows?++ladykolie1/3/2013 11:24AM

Let it dry and gently flake it off with your finger nail.missraffix31/11/2013 3:25PM

Q-tip, tiny bit of MAC Painterly, lightly put over it, touch up e/smeghans42951/11/2013 2:26AM

let dry and use a spooliejgrjennyjj1/10/2013 10:37PM

xsparkage on youtube did a video on that...rani0031/10/2013 2:19PM

If you wait a couple minutes till the mascara is dry, it's really easy +pinkpeonies1/3/2013 11:58AM

5th!bighairdontcare1/10/2013 7:13PM

big 4th , the easiest way actually :)Meshmmesha7720001/10/2013 9:52AM

3dpaneradfisk1/10/2013 9:15AM

2nd!aznmnkygrl8081/10/2013 3:57AM

2ndkoushi1/3/2013 12:17PM

I use a mascara guard to stop it happeningmadeupstories1/3/2013 11:31AM

i just googled this. i need to try it!chrissaaa1/3/2013 11:39AM

best $1 ever spent on a mu tool! lol saves me many a morningmadeupstories1/3/2013 11:44AM

Brush works better, slightly moist with eye cream or even concealer or paint pot. krakow1/3/2013 11:27AM

I apply my mascara firstVioletOblivia1/3/2013 11:26AM

2nd, I never understood how people do it any other way!jskellis1/11/2013 9:32AM

me toorupertlilly81/3/2013 11:31AM

I thought about this, but you don't end up with powder all over your lashes?ladykolie1/3/2013 11:27AM

Nope, because once I've finished my eye make-up, I comb them throughVioletOblivia1/3/2013 11:30AM

I have the same issue and fix it the same way you do :( I haven't found a way around it.lomelindi1/3/2013 11:26AM

BAH! ::hugs::ladykolie1/3/2013 11:27AM

It doesn't help that i have hooded lids so this is a common problem D: *hugs back*lomelindi1/3/2013 11:28AM

Depending on the formula, you can let it dry then brush off with a spooly or stiffer brushbmichlig1/3/2013 11:25AM