Post a skincare ingredient you feel is a NO-no. And we will post what havoc it does from expereience


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expand whole threadPost a skincare ingredient you feel is a NO-no. And we will post what havoc it does from expereiencejessart8512/28/2012 12:13AM

Menthol, lemon/citrus Ashley925041/10/2013 11:47AM

Tea tree oil-apparently I'm reeel allergic.VAmom1/10/2013 10:48AM

mineral, coconut, rose hip, olive oil all give me milia seed. I don't dare to try any other oils csann1/9/2013 10:01PM

Vaseline. can use products w/petroleum but alone I get pd bumpschayaNY1/9/2013 4:38PM

sILICONES AND petrochemcals, drys my skin + makes it look creepymorganna7771/9/2013 9:45AM

Silicones..?slaybelle12/29/2012 1:11PM

My skin loves cones.Ashley925041/10/2013 11:47AM

Yes, this is a big one. Hello zits and blackheads both oil and water soluble onestracygray12/30/2012 12:32AM

no issues for mejootje12/29/2012 10:17PM

essential oilstabster12/29/2012 12:37PM

alpha hydroxy in leave-on form - major red patches, itching, burning, rashArt4Cara12/29/2012 11:13AM

Art4Cara12/29/2012 11:12AM

I still can't pinpoint what ing in particular, but Clarins Bright Plus Hydrating Lotion SPF20 +++frckls12/28/2012 9:50PM

Octinoxate/oxybenzone = burning, TiO2 = itching catzel12/28/2012 8:57PM

Fine w/ octinoxate (though it bothers my eyes a little if I'm not wearing contacts) and TiO2. +meggan80812/29/2012 6:41AM

Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20keepitreal12/28/2012 12:46PM

Both clogging for me.meggan80812/29/2012 6:39AM

Vitamin e--rosacea flaresdenvergal12/28/2012 12:43PM

Fine w/ vit Emeggan80812/29/2012 6:41AM

Diazolidinyl Urea.skincarekevin12/28/2012 12:41PM

No issues for me.meggan80812/29/2012 6:42AM

2ndjootje12/29/2012 10:17PM

irritation, same with the rest of that preservative familygingerrama12/28/2012 2:48PM

Isopropyl MyristatebarbiH12/28/2012 11:21AM

Clogs me/breaks me out.meggan80812/29/2012 6:42AM

2ndmakeup3312/29/2012 12:48PM

3rdjootje12/29/2012 10:16PM

4thbcece281/10/2013 1:31PM

I'm not clog prone but this broke me out!denvergal12/28/2012 12:41PM

Chemical sunscreens = rashesstarfishnet12/28/2012 9:37AM

most of the time, yes for me. Before I used - r/oArt4Cara12/29/2012 11:11AM

I try to avoid these too. They often cause burning and irritation.maxxine12/29/2012 7:10AM

All bother my eyes if not wearing contacts. Can't use oxybenzone at all (even on body) and some +meggan80812/29/2012 6:43AM

2nd, except tinosorbsgingerrama12/28/2012 2:49PM

Lavenderlemonz4us12/28/2012 9:00AM

Itchy bumpy hivesAbbieness12/29/2012 7:04AM

Doesn't bother me in products; never used straight lavender oil.meggan80812/29/2012 6:44AM

too potent on it's own, just caused flaking and irritated acne spots worsejessart8512/28/2012 10:51AM

3rd on oil, OK with water in low concentrationgingerrama12/28/2012 2:49PM

Oxybenzone causes my face (esp. eye area) to get all red, rashy, puffy, and itchy.meggan80812/28/2012 4:04AM

2nd gingerrama12/28/2012 2:49PM

Jojoba and coconut oil. I get zits just from typing the names. joanofsarcasm12/28/2012 3:01AM

Jojoba gave me huge cysts!!cherryme1/10/2013 3:36AM

misslivia12/29/2012 3:51PM

Jojoba=break outAbbieness12/29/2012 7:04AM

jojoba caused a fluster of acne where I thought I was "cleansing" :(jessart8512/28/2012 10:53AM

oh no! I'm just starting to try jojoba oil as a cleanser :(twizzledizzle12/28/2012 12:27PM

I moisturize w jojoba, after mineral oil cleansing & my oily, sensitive, break-out pr skin LOVES itmistresskt1/9/2013 12:14PM

OMG coconut oil. I can't even.envinia12/28/2012 5:30AM

2nd LOLtheparsley12/28/2012 10:34AM

3rd; jojoba OK on me in products, if it's not neatgingerrama12/28/2012 2:50PM

coconut oil never breaks me out i'm luckyblooiejagwa12/28/2012 5:24AM

Not sure about jojoba, coconut oil breaks me out worse than anything else.meggan80812/28/2012 4:03AM

coconut oil = instant clogs for me4eyes12/28/2012 9:45AM

Me too. I avoid all coconut-derived ingredientsslim3412/28/2012 10:17AM

There are so many. Cetyl Alcohol and Butylene Glycol are two that I avoid. Very clogging for me.envinia12/28/2012 2:15AM

Cetyl Alcohol clogs me over nightkeepitreal12/28/2012 12:47PM

Cetyl alcohol clogs me, too. I think I'm ok w/ butylene glycol.meggan80812/28/2012 4:02AM

2nd CA is evil but I'm OK w/ BG.barbiH12/28/2012 11:22AM

Fragrancesullivan12/28/2012 2:09AM

Dries and irritated my skin.cherryme1/10/2013 3:37AM

Agreed. It doesn't always irritate me, but it does often enough that I avoid it in all face productsmaxxine12/29/2012 7:08AM

yep, with few exceptions (rose EO for ex)gingerrama12/28/2012 2:51PM

It can make me itchtheparsley12/28/2012 10:34AM

makes my rosacea flarevirlomi12/28/2012 9:50AM

Thisdenvergal12/28/2012 12:42PM

2ndstarfishnet12/28/2012 9:34AM

Doesn't bother me, but I don't have sensitive skin.meggan80812/28/2012 4:01AM

2nd. I have no problem with fragrance.LinDo512/28/2012 8:27AM

mineral oil and AHA, avobenzone - r/oArt4Cara12/28/2012 1:00AM

Like MO for oil cleansing/mu removal, like AHAs, some avo formulations irritate my skin (mild rash +meggan80812/28/2012 4:01AM

Eucalyptus hardtimesagain 12/28/2012 12:34AM

2nd and add mintgingerrama12/28/2012 2:51PM

No negative effects for memeggan80812/28/2012 3:58AM