SUPER embarassing pics, but is this purse to big? ++

I'm so excited, I got my dream bag as a Christmas gift today!! I LOVE it, it's Totally MM, but do you think it's to big on me? I'm 5'6" if that helps any! And yes, this is a very embarassing picture of me, but I've been dog sick for 2 weeks!!! And no, I wouldn't dream of going in public looking like that! LOL! Thanks!

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expand whole threadSUPER embarassing pics, but is this purse to big? ++grobanite1912/25/2012 7:29PM

It's perfect for me! lol And I am 5'4.makeupjunkie3512/26/2012 10:16PM

it's perfect for you. :- )mistresskt12/26/2012 7:37PM

nope, looks great! congrats!jootje12/26/2012 6:55PM

I think as long as if feels comfortable, it is fine.mylegfeelsfunny12/26/2012 3:31PM

Nah, you'll see as time goes on, the leather will bend a little. It just looks big because maxxine12/26/2012 12:34PM

It's not too big, but would be better imo if the straps were shortened a littleelankat12/26/2012 11:02AM

Not to big at allirimoto12/26/2012 10:40AM

nope! gorgeous. i'm 5'4 and got a neverful gm today.nicoles62012/25/2012 11:21PM

Love it. Great bag. Size is fine. Hope you're feeling better!tigeratty12/25/2012 10:43PM

Thank you :)grobanite1912/26/2012 12:11AM

Not too big, and I like your Gizmo shirt.jamie53512/25/2012 8:43PM

Looks good on you... I like big bags.curlyqmishee12/25/2012 8:39PM

nope, not if you can fill it at least half way. anjav198912/25/2012 8:27PM

Maybe just a tad, but that's ok. It's still nice pinkstarz12/25/2012 8:09PM

nope, I think it looks finemg8412/25/2012 8:07PM

looks good. congrats.GuerlainAds12/25/2012 7:38PM

Thanks!! I'm so excited, it's my first "high end" bag :)grobanite1912/25/2012 7:40PM

Omg your Gremlins shirt!!!!xokeishaxo12/25/2012 7:35PM

LOL! :) i'm kind of a huge Gremilns fan..... :)grobanite1912/25/2012 7:40PM

It's not to big at allwyldekat112/25/2012 7:33PM

It's not too big. I think it's perfect but I like big bags.cyberneticghostofchristma12/25/2012 7:30PM

This raregem12/25/2012 7:53PM

2ndSigneT12/25/2012 7:31PM

Thanks! I like big bags too :)grobanite1912/25/2012 7:31PM

2nd.Danai12/25/2012 7:31PM