Poll: If you've tried NARS Orgasm blush, do you like it? What is your skintone?


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expand whole threadPoll: If you've tried NARS Orgasm blush, do you like it? What is your skintone?SheBlindedMeWithScience12/24/2012 6:28PM

Love it. NW25/NC30Msgoddessintraining12/27/2012 6:10AM

CyanideLOVE12/27/2012 2:41AM

NW25. It's okay. Nars Cactus Flower is better on me and longer lasting. kandy47712/26/2012 10:51PM

purplelade12/26/2012 6:10PM

It has a glow that is very pretty. The shimmer isn't over the top.++perfumejunky12/26/2012 5:20PM

I love it. brightens up my face but natural. NC15angiee021512/26/2012 5:16PM

NC25-like it but no great luv:)Katy2412/26/2012 5:04PM

I'm pale and I think it's prett. but there are equally pretty corals for far far lessjskellis12/26/2012 3:32PM

Alot of shimmer but I like it, nw35-40sarraaa12/26/2012 2:51PM

NW 25. I think it could be the perfect pinky peach if it were matte. I like it but the shimmer ++ angel7712/26/2012 2:18PM

I prefer Milani Luminous & it's much less $$$ (NW20)cara_m12/26/2012 12:42PM

fair/medium NC20-25; I liked it but didn't love it....3110hello12/26/2012 11:39AM

NC05, too red on me... hard to get rightpaneradfisk12/26/2012 11:37AM

nc25-30 i love it but reach for it more in the summer personallyamberlady12/26/2012 10:06AM

My NC20-25 skintone loves itecaricco12/26/2012 2:15AM

Love it. Very fair, neutral/cooltrillium1312/26/2012 1:26AM

Swapped it - NC 20/25katras12/26/2012 12:33AM

pale w/pink undertones, blue-eyed brunette - Hated it. Looked orange on me, made me look sick.mistresskt12/25/2012 7:14PM

Nc 20-25 it's too shimmery for everyday. Prefer deep throat for daily wear. +aamen12/25/2012 5:10PM

I like Deep Throat better on meshgirl212/25/2012 4:33PM

NC25/30 so much gold shimmer, I can see them clearly on my skin, look horriblebraveviet12/25/2012 2:15PM

It is perfect on my skin tone, looks totally natural. pale w/warm undertones.luxed212/25/2012 1:49PM

The gold shimmer isn't tppconcord12/25/2012 5:35PM

It may have been reformulated since I purchased mine. IIRC new version may have more gold shimmerluxed212/26/2012 11:54AM

a bit too warm and shimmerymorganna77712/25/2012 1:24PM

Love it, NC37, doesn't show up strong, but it makes me look glowyMUrascal12/25/2012 10:38AM

NC30, didn't like it. Not true to color for me, it looks reddish on me Jewelx1712/25/2012 9:06AM

No I found it to be too shimmery & after a few hours no pigment but left with shimmer Overhyped!dpd12/24/2012 9:42PM

and kind of bright, right? I'm NC25, they swear we can all wear it, I don't knowartemistzitzikilakis12/24/2012 9:36PM

NC25, got a mini free for 500 sephora points, and it will do just fine, gald I didn't pay for itartemistzitzikilakis12/24/2012 9:36PM

NC15 don't care for it,but still own itlilblue1012/24/2012 9:03PM

NC40 too dayum shimmery for meAmyFarrahFowler12/24/2012 7:33PM

I love itcaramelsouffle12/24/2012 7:14PM

NC20 It photographed perfectly but was too glittery in real life. Also broke me outcgw112/24/2012 7:11PM

too warm, pinky, and unnaturally shiny on my light skin w/light olive tones.gna12/26/2012 12:06AM

I didn't like it. It didn't show up on me. I wear MUFE 170NYCbeauty9912/24/2012 7:05PM

Nc25. Don't care for itdddoxie12/24/2012 6:56PM

Tried it, did not like it on me. NW18ishtosirwithlove12/24/2012 6:53PM

NC25. It's okay but not one of my faveschochang12/24/2012 6:53PM

nc15 one of my faveskathylulu12/24/2012 6:45PM

dittofoomph12/25/2012 1:12AM

NC30-35. It's my favorite blush.Rupa12/24/2012 6:43PM

nc15. its pretty!anonamizz12/24/2012 6:42PM

No. Nw25-30ishivanabacowboy12/24/2012 6:40PM

NC15. Didn't like.susanmary12/24/2012 6:40PM

NW10ish. I hated it.sullivan12/24/2012 6:37PM

I liked it but nothing super amazing. Just a pretty blush. Edit :nw15Takota 12/24/2012 6:35PM

Didn't like NC20ishmmmgonzo12/24/2012 6:35PM

I love it, I am on my 2nd pan of it. NC 20100_Grand_Bar12/24/2012 6:35PM

Looked like a creamsicle on me. Neutral NW20purplecouch12/24/2012 6:33PM

Is that good or bad? :-ptosirwithlove12/24/2012 6:54PM

Not wowed. It's okay, but too shimmery and kind of boring. NC20/25, olive.gconn12/24/2012 6:32PM

same opinion minus thinking it's too shimmery. same skintone.pulsesync12/24/2012 6:35PM

no. im black PromiscuousGayHominine12/24/2012 6:32PM

Too shimmery nc35tanni12/24/2012 6:32PM

Love! Cool-toned & extremely fair skindreamalildream12/24/2012 6:31PM

I love it. NW15nerrisa12/24/2012 6:31PM

Not at first but now I like it. I have tan, olive skinmousquerader12/24/2012 6:29PM