Favorite thing to layer ChG Party Hearty with? Want to use it for a Christmas mani :)


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expand whole threadFavorite thing to layer ChG Party Hearty with? Want to use it for a Christmas mani :)kmbirkel12/23/2012 10:16PM

silver! I love it over Finger Paints Sparkling Snowturkey208312/24/2012 3:37AM

Shimmery white (I used WnW Breaking the Ice) or a nice gold foilmeems12/24/2012 3:09AM

Here Today Aragon Tomorrow Suede or other shimmery green.chele30212/24/2012 2:12AM

I put it over Jolly Holly. Looks like a Christmas tree.willruetheday12/24/2012 1:37AM

Probably too late, but try Zoya Storm sometime. O.O It's beeeeyoooootiful.KGarr212112/24/2012 1:18AM

I put mine over Orly Winter Wonderland, but I think it's pretty over whiteallicat199812/23/2012 11:28PM

mint, like Essie MCA or a light pink, like ChG Something Sweetacinca12/23/2012 11:26PM

BlackHeather110112/23/2012 11:03PM

mintvessiemae12/23/2012 11:01PM

i wanted to use it to but found nothing in my 223 stash to put it with so i am getting rid of it :-(jade71612/23/2012 10:53PM

Whaaat? Why get rid of it? You can pick up a plain white almost anywhere for cheapmichbelle12/23/2012 10:57PM

i have a plain white but didnt like it over that either. :-(jade71612/26/2012 4:19PM

Light blue is pretty, toodressagediva12/23/2012 10:50PM

I have it over For Audrey as my pedi right now!ebidebby12/23/2012 10:55PM

Definitely white.michbelle12/23/2012 10:44PM

Silver foil!Jadis474212/23/2012 10:34PM

Over white, PH makes me weak in the knees!xaoey0512/23/2012 10:25PM

That's my fave, too.ebidebby12/23/2012 10:56PM

ITAalrad4912/23/2012 10:27PM

I used it in a gradient over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls last week... Loved it and got ++alrad4912/23/2012 10:25PM

I have 2 coats over Orly Shine on and it's my fave combochrissytx12/23/2012 10:24PM

I think I saw it with Dont Touch My Tutu the other day on the NB and it was LOVELY!bejunkie12/23/2012 10:17PM