I got a B in Anatomy! I don't need to retake it! I wanted to share this good news w my SC friends.


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expand whole threadI got a B in Anatomy! I don't need to retake it! I wanted to share this good news w my SC friends.sniffer12/7/2012 12:14PM

yay!! congrats :)greengrapefruit12/9/2012 6:56PM

The Happy Dance is being solemnly performed on your behalf.Neopatra12/9/2012 1:59PM

congrats!! :)hello_everyone12/9/2012 12:23PM

Woot!!juNOmacguff12/7/2012 6:14PM

Nice!!!lindo512/7/2012 5:57PM

Well done!denvergal12/7/2012 5:06PM

Yah!! Congratulations Sniffer!! :)asw3712/7/2012 4:46PM

Yeah!!coffeeandcream12/7/2012 3:44PM

*high fives*elf_10712/7/2012 3:33PM

What are you studying?skincarekevin12/7/2012 3:15PM

prerequisite science classes so I can go to PA schoolsniffer12/7/2012 5:41PM

Excellent!skincarekevin12/7/2012 10:10PM

Hooray !!!!!!! You are so lucky to find out so early! therubyprincess12/7/2012 3:05PM

I took the last exam on Wed, I guess the prof wants to finish up fast!sniffer12/7/2012 5:42PM

Lucky! My awful Stats exam is the 15th - can't wait til it's over!therubyprincess12/7/2012 6:31PM

taking Stats over the summersniffer12/7/2012 8:23PM

g'luck. NOT fun :)therubyprincess12/7/2012 8:29PM

Fantastique!!! :Dicaria12/7/2012 2:20PM

Super!kai112/7/2012 1:28PM

YAY!!! That is wonderful!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!DebinSA12/7/2012 1:26PM

Woohoo! Congratulations! :Dmeggan80812/7/2012 1:20PM

WOOHOO!!!!! Congrats!!! vonns8412/7/2012 12:56PM

Congrats!!! I just finished gross anatomy for PT school. So happy to be done with it!letoile12/7/2012 12:53PM

I'll need to do that when I get in to PA school, this is the preliminary one :)sniffer12/7/2012 1:00PM

We shared the lab with the PA students! I don't envy you...they were SO fast paced. Amazing studentsletoile12/7/2012 5:45PM

Great news!2sillybugs12/7/2012 12:25PM

Yay!!!!barbiH12/7/2012 12:15PM

congrats!kitkat7312/7/2012 12:15PM