POLL: Your name, and is there a makeup product named after you? What is it? +

Me: Cristine. And not that I know of (especially with that spelling) BOO!

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expand whole threadPOLL: Your name, and is there a makeup product named after you? What is it? +cristinecal12/4/2012 11:39AM

Dakota: Zoya, Julep, and Elixir Lacquers polishes :)dakota201012/10/2012 1:39AM

Sasha and there is a highend lipgloss named after me, just cant remember the brand right now.russiadiva12/9/2012 11:46PM

my name is Avonlea so I highly doubt it!namissaas22412/9/2012 11:02PM

Amy - searched MUA, all I found was a Hard Candy lip balm.atomic_girl12/9/2012 9:24PM

misslivia12/9/2012 8:01PM

No, there is not! And there should be! roBeth12/9/2012 3:44PM

Kirstie-and not that I know of!trillium1312/9/2012 12:49PM

Anastasia - brows by Anastasia Soare. Any others?sucrerose12/9/2012 12:28PM

Rebecca...Nars e/s duo is the only thing I know of.yorkieluvr12/9/2012 11:17AM

Frances - I don't think so :(frankie8512/9/2012 3:10AM

Josie, and no just the linetokiomama12/9/2012 1:14AM

Jessica. I've seen a buxom lipgloss with my name but that's aboutjessart8512/9/2012 12:55AM

Amanda, The Balm has an Amanda lipstick and Zoya has an Amanda polish :)grobanite1912/8/2012 8:14PM

suzy1212/8/2012 7:07PM

Noelle - Stila made a lipstick with my name. plinko12/8/2012 8:24AM

Angelique - Apparently there's a LE Dior lipstick called Angelique Beige...DecoDolly12/8/2012 2:40AM

Lydia... OCC Heroine Lip Tars, whatever those are.Lydlady12/8/2012 12:54AM

Katie, Illamasqua blush.BlueMagpie12/7/2012 11:10AM

nars has a eyeshadow called nepal and kathmandu and i was born there..but no name...lauraP33312/7/2012 2:56AM

Ana. I don't think so :\bunbunny12/6/2012 4:32PM

Tonya - Buxom lipgloss hot pink ( not my shade) :(tonyabelll12/6/2012 4:12PM

lisasandia112/6/2012 7:13AM

Stella- I'm not sureBabyChipmunk212/6/2012 4:36AM

Stella-I'm not suresandia112/6/2012 7:00PM

Stella perfume! love. hilaryeliza12/6/2012 1:04PM

oh I forgot about this!BabyChipmunk212/6/2012 10:14PM

Irina.... Not any product that Im aware of : (irimoto12/5/2012 11:23PM

If there were a product called Irina, it would probably be a Zoya polishBeth12/9/2012 3:45PM

My name's Hunter, and to my knowledge, no :(huntergray12/5/2012 10:35PM

Marlene - NARS Lily Marlene Eyeshadow bonjourlemonde12/5/2012 9:58PM

My name is Lexi and Zoya has a polish by the same name (and spelling!)bareminerals4ever12/5/2012 7:35PM

my name is Chloe! so theres the perfume (yes, i wear it!) and zoya has a nail polish called Chloechloexlouise12/5/2012 5:49PM

Valerie Zoya Nail Polishbrandi968912/5/2012 4:59PM

jules is my nickname, and I have a zoya polish for that. nothing for juliana!jskellis12/5/2012 2:49PM

Peggy. No MU , only the song I was named for (Peggy Sue by Buddy Holly )wiltzpeggy12/5/2012 12:49PM

Stephanie and not that I know of.vwzen8112/5/2012 12:16PM

Claudia. Not that I know of!makeuphag0112/5/2012 11:49AM

Claudia Riaz..there's a line of m/u n brushesAishteru8512/5/2012 10:46PM

Cool! I had no idea.makeuphag0112/6/2012 10:18AM

Olga. No. One names anything after me!! My parents hated me before I was born!'ohsewdizzy12/5/2012 10:54AM

There is a bra company with this name ;)trillium1312/9/2012 12:47PM

Aww...Olga is a classy name, makes me think of a Russian ballerina!sekhmet12/6/2012 9:47AM

There's some sort of collection from D&G called "Monica" and theres "Miss Monica" l/s from 3CCSCPSWarrior12/5/2012 9:00AM

Toni. Zoya has a polish named Toniilovegloss12/5/2012 8:56AM

Lauren and LORAC used to have a lipstick with my name.MRSLE12/4/2012 5:53PM

oops, wrong spot!ilovegloss12/5/2012 8:55AM

Vanita...not makeup but perfume, Versace Vanitasmisscutie12/4/2012 2:34PM

***Too. Cool.***Neopatra12/7/2012 1:22PM

Aimee-and I don't think so..aimeebi12/4/2012 1:20PM

Perfume in 90 ties I liked had that name.missdewinter12/8/2012 3:15PM

beautiful name,and here in norway there is a big mu-line called aimee !Nurken12/6/2012 5:29PM

Carla - nope :(blua12/4/2012 12:47PM

Anna. Yes but forgot what it was bc I didn't like the color.Zoey12/4/2012 12:36PM

Stila lipstick named Anna I thinkwiltzpeggy12/5/2012 12:48PM

Debbie....nope not that I can think of. not even a Zoya polish!mom2times12/4/2012 12:30PM

Me too, no Deebie products.greengreyeyes12/7/2012 8:57PM

Elisabeth. And I finally found KA has a lipgloss named "Elizabeta" (Croatian). Must have it=PLizzy2812/4/2012 12:29PM

Ronda. No makeup but there is that Beach Boys song that everyone must sing to me! :(notenoughglitter12/4/2012 12:27PM

I understand completely! My name is Peggy Suewiltzpeggy12/5/2012 12:51PM

Krysta -No but I find a lot of shoes named after me on zapposgraceface0712/4/2012 12:24PM

Georgia - Benefit has meRedHeDD12/4/2012 12:17PM

Juliet. I think so but now I can't remember what it is (obvs don't have it lol)whooobie12/4/2012 12:12PM

zoya juliette!jskellis12/5/2012 2:48PM

Lisa & I've never seen anything (maybe Zoya has a polish?)spikesmom11012/4/2012 12:11PM

Nicole - AFAIK only the OPI np range. :)nmezza12/4/2012 12:11PM

Kristina. None that I know of, though I do get a song by Howie Day!kmbirkel12/4/2012 12:08PM

Lol I have a song about a girl named josefine with a sewing machine, who gets tossed in the lake by+nebulosa12/4/2012 12:14PM

XD well Kristina falls down the stairs in my song, so you're in good company with me!kmbirkel12/4/2012 12:16PM

Agata, I think KVD had a ls or other product called Agathaagatka712/4/2012 12:08PM

Josefine // Don't think so. nebulosa12/4/2012 12:07PM

Tara...and maybe? I don't know. A few years after I signed up here, MAC came out with a lipstick Flitter12/4/2012 12:05PM

Yvonne/// not that I know of. I can't even find magnets with my namevonns8412/4/2012 12:01PM

Karen / I haven't seen any mayholic12/4/2012 12:00PM

cheri--a fresh blush and a zoya polish-I have them bothchantequeen12/4/2012 11:57AM

Sandra, yep Nars has a e/s palette named after me (I was there first, right?) ++sandra190012/4/2012 11:57AM

Melissa - Stila had a lipstick named Melissa. I loved the color too.melissap112/4/2012 11:56AM

Julep have a Melissa NP, too. :)proudlock12/4/2012 12:07PM

My full name is Leona. And no, never seen a product named after me. tanni12/4/2012 11:56AM

Marcella...Zoya polish lol...and there is a line of Princess Marcella productsLovePurple62412/4/2012 11:55AM

well, my name's Becca...subtlelikeatank12/4/2012 11:54AM

I luv your brand :D tanni12/4/2012 11:55AM

Diana-Zoya has a red jelly polish. Stila used to have a nice purple polishDStuyvesant12/4/2012 11:52AM

Carol. Zoya polish. LORACMimsy12/4/2012 11:49AM

you have a whole line, lucky you!cristinecal12/4/2012 11:50AM

Cassandra/not that I know of! cassie1112/4/2012 11:47AM

Christina. NARS lipstick and Zoya polish. kirat12/4/2012 11:46AM

Elsa and yes!+Esousa12/4/2012 11:45AM

you betta own it?!krazybird12/4/2012 11:55AM

ha no :) but I will someday ;DEsousa12/4/2012 12:16PM

ohh that's pretty! And it's NARS, who doesn't love NARS cristinecal12/4/2012 11:46AM

What are the chances of that? elsa is such a grandma name :)Esousa12/4/2012 11:47AM

Milly. Yes! +++++proudlock12/4/2012 11:41AM

Cute!Esousa12/4/2012 11:49AM

wow but that's gorgeous...those roses!cristinecal12/4/2012 11:42AM

Dani, there's a Zoya polish named Danni :3jujubeeb12/4/2012 11:41AM

yay! do you own it?cristinecal12/4/2012 11:44AM

yes its so pretty :Djujubeeb12/5/2012 4:35PM

OMF ur gif is so funny!! any reason u picked that one?..LovePurple62412/4/2012 11:42AM

lol ty i love tyras crazy!jujubeeb12/5/2012 4:35PM

Sophie. Don't think I've seen one named after me, although I know there's a Cuban restaurant XDlomelindi12/4/2012 11:40AM

Illamasqua have a blush called S.O.P.H.I.E :Dproudlock12/4/2012 11:41AM

*googles* EDIT: Oh wow, this is all dedicated to a girl that was killed... Lovely collection. I +lomelindi12/4/2012 11:43AM

The Illamasqua S.O.P.H.I.E pencil?VioletOblivia12/4/2012 11:41AM

Wuuuuuuuuuuuut, what does that stand for? O.o Is it one of their brows or e/l or something else?lomelindi12/4/2012 11:42AM

Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere r/oVioletOblivia12/4/2012 11:45AM

oh wow, that's so sad but it's nice that she's remembered in this waycristinecal12/4/2012 11:49AM

Ooooh gosh I just found it. That's so sad! Admirable for Illa to take up her name. Lovely +lomelindi12/4/2012 11:46AM

You're welcome. I agree. Good on Illamasqua. It was such a tragedyVioletOblivia12/4/2012 11:54AM

Jeanine. Nope, not even a keychain! LolFacesbyj12/4/2012 11:40AM

That's my cousin's name!!! vonns8412/4/2012 12:02PM

I'm surprised actuallycristinecal12/4/2012 11:43AM

Theres so many ways people spell it. But I've never seen anything personalized w my name. +Facesbyj12/4/2012 11:44AM

:D cute!Esousa12/4/2012 11:45AM

I totally know how you feel. I resented not having an "H" in Cristine for the longest time! cristinecal12/4/2012 11:45AM

Caroline - I don't think so. I'd love a NP named after me.carovan12/4/2012 11:40AM

I feel like I have seen this name as a lipstick but I can't remember what brand...lomelindi12/4/2012 11:45AM

I agree, I'm thinking BE?cristinecal12/4/2012 11:48AM

Oh really? Please PM me if you remember, I'd buy it!carovan12/4/2012 11:47AM

Louise. I don't think so but I could be wrongVioletOblivia12/4/2012 11:39AM

You have a range of brushes (Louise Young) :)nmezza12/4/2012 12:11PM